A Crash Site of a Red Army Plane discovered

bomber Er-2
Bomber Er-2

On the eve of Victory Day, 29 April, 2018, a search team, which included specialists from the Russian Geographical Society, the Search Movement of Russia, the Expedition Center of the Russian Armed Forces, the Commission for identification and preservation of objects of military-technical history and fortification of the Defense Ministry of Russia, the Ugra National Park and the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism of the Russian Academy of Sciences discovered a crash site of a Red Army plane that fell during the Great Patriotic War.


Photo by members of the search expedition
Photo by members of the search expedition

The plane was found near the village of Maryino, on the territory of the Ugra National Park in the Yukhnovsky district, the Kaluga region (geographic coordinates: n 54 45 03,5 – e 035 02 55,0).

During the mission, specialists found numerous small fragments of the skin, separate steel fragments of the units and aggregates of the plane. Details that preserved the license numbers – a duraluminium semi-ring and clamps – made it possible to identify the aircraft. It was found out that these fragments belonged to the twin-engine bomber Er-2 № 1706 from the 421 bomber aviation regiment of the 81-th aviation division.


Photo by members of the search expedition
Photo by members of the search expedition

According to the archive, October 6, 1941, the bomber led by Captain Andreyev performed a fighting task. His target was supposed to be columns of moto-mechanized forces of the enemy near the road from Chiplyaevo to Yukhnov. However, the plane was shot down from the ground and burned 10 km southwest of Yukhnov.  

The bomber crew included: pilot, captain Viktor Andreev (born 1912, died), navigator, major Victor Bokov (born 1912, died 01.06.1942), air gunner, sergeant Sergei Kosenyan (born 1919, died), air gunner, sergeant Ivan Yegorenkov (born 1918, died).