The Russian Arctic in Notes of Polar Researchers

"Taymyr" and "Vaygach” ships. Photo from
"Taymyr" and "Vaygach” ships. Photo from

April 12, books "Memories of the Great Russian Revolution" and "Forgotten Heroes of the Arctic" will be presented in the Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Émigrés. The event will be held as part of a meeting of the Geography of the Polar Countries Commission of the Moscow City Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

The book "Memories of the Great Russian Revolution" includes notes by Nadezhda Vilkitskaya, the wife of outstanding polar explorer, Rear Admiral Boris Vilkitsky (1885 - 1961). The publication is a reminder of Boris Vilkitsky’s merits: the "Russian Columbus" led the Hydrographical Expedition of the Arctic Ocean. He made the last major geographical discovery of the 20th century, found Emperor Nicholas II Land (Severnaya Zemlya).

The "Forgotten Heroes of the Arctic" collection by historian Nikita Kuznetsov includes memoirs and reports on polar campaigns written by their participants, officers and sailors. In particular, the book describes in detail the fate of ice-breaking steamers "Taymyr" and "Vaygach", on which the Hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean was performed.

The presentation will be attended by researchers who have tried to popularize the history of the Arctic development, among them, chairman of the Commission for the Geography of the Polar Countries of the Moscow City Branch of the Society, Head of the Marine Arctic Complex Expedition, Professor Peter Boyarsky, one of the leaders of the patriarchal project "Russian Arctic" bishop Naryan-Marsky and Mezensky Jacob, writers Nikolai Cherkashin and Vladimir Shigin, Guests of the event will also meet Peter Vilkitsky, a grandson of the famous admiral.

The event starts at 6 p.m. Free admission

Address: Nizhnyaya Radishchevskaya street, house 2, 5th floor