"Great Russian Travelers" in libraries of the country

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The Russian Geographical Society and "EUROCEMENT group" embody a unique book project. Within its framework, a series of books "The Great Russian travelers" is being published. Beautiful volumes are for children's libraries in Russia, cadet corps and specialized schools.

The project, supported by President of the Russian Geographical Society, Sergei Shoigu, was launched  on September 7, 2013. Library of the Moscow Suvorov Military School received the first set of the most interesting geographical publications. In 2013, 30,000 publications was sent to children's libraries in Moscow, Belgorod, Ryazan, Samara, Smolensk, Pskov, Tver and Tula regions, Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Komi, Republic of Dagestan, as well as other regions of the European part of Russia.

A series of "Great Russian travelers" consists of 15 volumes, which contain the diaries of known Russian geographers and travelers, drawings and photographs of famous expeditions and original author's illustrations. There are travel notes by Maclay, Przewalski, Semenov-Tyan-Shan, Bellingshausen, Bering, Wrangel, Goncharov, Krusenstern, Krasheninnikov, Yanchevetskogo, Tsybikov, Golovnin Nikitin, Obruchev, Makarov. The publication is sponsored by one of the Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society - the "EUROCEMENT group".


Honorary President of the Society Vladiimir Kotlyakov at the presentation of a series of books by the Russian geographers and travelers, published with the support of "Eurocement Group"


Now boys and girls in the most remote corners of the country will be able to learn about the history of famous geographical discoveries from primary sources.

Gift pleased not only young readers, but also their teachers and librarians. Greatful letters come to the organizers of the action from all across the country.

By 2015 it is planned to publish more than 90 000 copies which within 3 years will be sent to all the children's libraries in Russia.



"Dear Mr Shoigu! Thank you so much for your attention to the needs of our library! Your generous gift - beautifully published books, with perfect balance between illustrative and textual parts, will attract young hearts and play its role in the future – said in a letter sent to the address of the Russian Geographical Society by the team of Nuratdina Yusupov Makhachkala Republican Children's Library. - Publications amaze by the range of useful research material, inspire respect and appreciation. They may be the starting point for future travelers.

This gift to readers will surely result in great educational work of the libraries of our republic and will be an important tool in the patriotic education of the children. "

"We are grateful to the Russian Geographical Society for the gift – a set of unique books on geography for our children - said in a letter from Ryazan Regional Children's Library. - These wonderful editions will take a worthy place in the library. Thank you so much! "

"On behalf of all members of the Kaluga regional branch of the Society.

We thank the Executive management of the Society for a New Year gift - wonderful books that will help us in the promotion of geographic knowledge among young people. We wish a Happy New Year and a great successto the entire staff of the Executive management!

Chairman of the Kaluga regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

Professor V.A.Semёnov "


"The Ministry of Culture of North Ossetia-Alania and the administration of D.H. Mamsurov Republican Children's Library expresses gratitude to the Russian Geographical Society and to the management of "EUROCEMENT group" for a series of books "The Great Russian travelers." They will enrich not only our book fund, but will take a worthy place in children's libraries in North Ossetia-Alaniya. Thank you for caring about young readers and enlightenment.

Sincerely, Director of State Institution of Culture " D.H. Mamsurov  Republican Children's Library" L.A. Makieva "


"State Institution of Cultural " A.S. Pushkin Regional Library for Children and Youth " sincerely thanks the Russian Geographical Society for the donated books in the series" The Great Russian travelers ". It is highly important that the unique books of this series will be available not only for the readers of Saratov, but also for children and teenagers in rural libraries in Saratov region.

With respect and hope for further cooperation, director N.S. Abramova "


Employees of Kemsk Intersettlement Central Regional Library express deep appreciation and sincere thanks to the All-Russian public organization "Russian Geographical Society" and to "EUROCEMENT groups" for the excellently published volumes of the book series "The Great Russian travelers." These are really unique publications on geography. Now boys and girls can learn about the history of famous geographical discoveries from primary sources. Currently, not every family has an opportunity to buy this edition, and libraries, due to the lack of funding, can not supplement their funds. This gift is priceless for libraries, because this series of books will be available for all residents of Kemi and of the region. Now many young generations will read them.

Your gift has also pleased librarians of the Kemsk region. At the seminar Library professionals librarians had a chance to get acquainted with this series through the presentation of "Great Russian travelers."

Thank you for a wonderful gift! These wonderful editions will take a worthy place in the libraries of Kemsk region.

Head of the Department of acquisition and processing of Municipal Budget Institution Kemsk Intersettlement Central Regional Library, G. V. Samoilova.

Dear President and Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society!

We sincerely thank you for a donated set of 15 rare books from the series "The Great Russian travelers" to children's library of the village Nizhni Chir, Surovikinsk district. Thanks to this charity of the Russian Geographical Society younger generation of the village Nizhni Chir will be able to get acquainted with the rich heritage of Russian travelers among whom were natives of the Don land.

Your great work and charity will always be a guiding light for our youth.

Sincerely, methodologist of library work of Surovikinsk District Evgeny Sharov.