3D Amur tiger will host the children’s show

New character of the children’s show «Spokoinoi nochi, malyshy!» (Good night, kids!) will be a tiger cub named Moore. Unlike other characters, it will be executed in the art 3D-animations.

Creating a new hero is a part of the Russian Geographical Society program to preserve the unique animal living in Russia – the Amur tiger. Russian President, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society, Vladimir Putin, who personally supervises the project, proposed the idea of ​​creating such a hero to the creators of the telecast.

Children will see the tiger in the new cycle of “Spokoinoi nochi, malyshy” – “From the elephant to the ant”, which will tell about the animals: their forms, habits, habitat.

Young viewers will see the new character on the screen at the end of October 2014.

In 2014 the program “Spokoinoi nochi, malyshy” will turn 50 years old. The idea of ​​creating this show arose in the end of 1963. At the same time the first scenario was written, ​​sketches of the scenery and the first dolls of the main characters were made. The show went on air on the Day of Knowledge – September 1, 1964.A

Vladimir Ukhin, Valentine Leontiev, Angelina Vovk, Tatyana Vedeneyeva Anna Mikhalkov, Oxana Fedorova were the hosts of the show at different times. Puppet characters changed from year to year.