Alaska — Siberia: the mobile exhibition of the RGS visited Kansk

Участники мероприятия. Фото: Георгий Широков

The mobile exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society, telling about the heroes of the Krasnoyarsk Alaska — Siberia air route, visited several institutions of Kansk. The exhibition presents historical photographs and documents, unique finds made during the search expeditions of the RGS. Among them are details of Alsib's aircraft.


Выставка в войсковой части. Фото: Георгий Широков

The exhibition was seen in the Kansk young offender institution, a multidisciplinary youth center of the town, as well as in one of the local military units.


На выставке представлены экспедиционные находки. Фото: Георгий Широков

The presentation of the mobile exhibition of the Russian Geographical Society was prepared by representatives of the RGS Youth Club "Zvezda Spaseniya" (Rus."Star of Salvation") from Zheleznogorsk. They also conducted an excursion, during which they told the pupils of the orphanage and the cadet corps about the RGS expeditions.


Выставка вызвала большой интерес. Фото: Георгий Широков

Now the exhibition is working in the Palace of Culture of Kansk. The mobile exhibition is organized within the framework of the grant educational project of the Russian Geographical Society "Krasnoyarsk Territory Through the Eyes of a Geographer".