And… Cut! Documentary Film on the Work of Biologists in the Arctic is Completed

БезМЕДВЕЖность. Фото: Николай Гарнет
БезМЕДВЕЖность. Фото: Николай Гарнет

On-location filming of the documentary "Bear's Corner" has been completed in the national park "Russian Arctic". The film tells about the work of Russian scientists in the Arctic. The picture is being filmed with a grant from the Russian Geographical Society.

It focuses is on the long-term study of the Red Book polar bear in the protected archipelagos Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land.

The first stage of filming took place last year on Cape Zhelaniya (Novaya Zemlya archipelago). For two months, the documentary cinematographer and editing director Maxim Pervakov was filming zoologists from A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of RAS as they worked on monitoring the polar bear population.

Now the film crew of the national park, consisting of cameraman Maxim Pervakov and wildlife photographer Nikolai Gernett, has spent two weeks on Alexandra Land Island (Franz Josef Land archipelago) together with the members of the “Umka – 2021” expedition.

Now work is underway to transcribe interviews with the scientists and select video material, after which the editing of the film will begin. The presentation of the "Bear’s Corner" will take place at the Moscow Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in the summer.