Artifacts of over 12000 Years Old Discovered in Krasnoyarsk

Фото: АНО "Археологическое исследование Сибири"

In Krasnoyarsk, at the "Afontova Gora-IV" early man site, archaeologists have discovered new finds – some of them are more than 12 thousand years old. The scientists also found archaeological material at the site of its original occurrence, which is rare for monuments of the Ice Age.

Large-scale archaeological research was carried out from August to October in connection with the preparation for the construction of a road in the area of ​​Volochaevskaya and Baykitskaya streets. Experts from three organizations took part in it: the "Krasnoyarsk Geoarcheology" PLC, the Siberian Branch of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of RAS and the "Archaeological Research of Siberia" ANO. Head of research - Candidate of Historical Sciences Valentina Novoseltseva.

In total, during the work, about 3000 sq. m of object area were excavated and more than 8000 artifacts were found.


Фото: АНО "Археологическое исследование Сибири"

The bulk of the found material belongs to the last – Sartan – glacial period, and is 12–16 thousand years old. Archaeological finds are mainly represented by tools made of stone, less often of bones and horns. The researchers also discovered slotted bone tools that are characteristic of the Upper Paleolithic of Afontova Gora.

The found remains mainly belong to the reindeer, which, apparently, was the main hunting target of the inhabitants of the site.

An important find at "Afontova Gora-IV" was archaeological material at the place of its original occurrence. This is a rarity for monuments of the Ice Age, because being under the influence of precipitation, wind and tectonic phenomena for a long time often destroys the layers, and the material can move, mix, losing its scientific information value.


Фото: АНО "Археологическое исследование Сибири"

The preserved paleosol contains accumulations of archaeological and faunistic material, as well as an ancient hearth with stone lining.

In addition to the Paleolithic layers, objects belonging to later periods were discovered at "Afontova Gora-IV". In particular, a nameless dirt grave of a person, probably dating back to the early Middle Ages (7th-13th centuries). Fragments of ceramic vessels dating back to the Middle Ages and the Bronze Age (2nd - early 1st millennium BC) were also found.


Фото: АНО "Археологическое исследование Сибири"

Despite the fact that the cameral study of the obtained archaeological material will continue for a long time, it can already be said that the conducted research will allow scientists to establish the nature of the material of the monument, the conditions of its occurrence and will significantly supplement knowledge about the Paleolithic of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yenisei Siberia as a whole.

The “Afontova Gora-IV” site belongs to the complex of archaeological monuments of Afontova Gora, located on the left bank of the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk. For the first time finds here were made in 1884 by the Krasnoyarsk archaeologist and teacher Ivan Timofeevich Savenkov.


Фото: АНО "Археологическое исследование Сибири"