A Bear "Danced" In Front Of A Camera On the "Land of the Leopard" And Tried To Hide The "Compromising Evidence"

Photo is provided by the "Land of the Leopard" press service
Photo is provided by the "Land of the Leopard" press service

A curious Asian black bear knocked out one of the camera traps in the "Land of the Leopard" National Park. The beast spectacular showed itself in front of the camera and then he broke the device with his teeth. It is reported by the press service of the national park.

More than 400 photo-traps operate on the territories of the "Land of the Leopard" - it is the largest network of photo-monitoring of wild animals in Russia. Cameras react to movement and operate during the passage of the animal in front of the lens. They allow specialists to study behavioral characteristics and monitor the movements of the Far Eastern leopard, as well as other wild animals that inhabit the national park. Some cameras on the "Land of the Leopard" record videos in addition to photographs.

One of these meetings of forest dwellers with cameras ended with a breakdown of the device. The incident occurred on one of the picturesque hills of the "Land of the Leopard". A large Asian black bear has hit the camera trap lens. As if posing, he impressively walked towards the camera. The device managed to capture the "dance" of the in toed predator while scratching the back of a nearby tree. After that, the beast seemed to purposefully approach the camera lens and, without delving into the purpose of the device, decided to try the camera to taste, literally. As if deciding to destroy the "compromising evidence", the bear first hit the camera with its paw, and then disabled it with teeth.

Although the beast interrupted the shooting process for a while, the damage to the camera turned out to be non-fatal. It managed to capture what happened, and the video was preserved on a memory card, which, fortunately, was not damaged.

According to experts, bears are the leaders among animals in the number of cases of damage to photo traps on the "Land of the Leopard". This is due to the natural curiosity of these predators. Researchers at the national park quite often meet cameras damaged by bears' claws and teeth. However, getting video stories of such attacks is a real rarity.

However, the undisputed championship in the number of cases of damage and theft of camera traps on the "Land of the Leopard" belongs to people. Every year, scientific workers miss several dozen automatic cameras taken by people. In almost every such case, a criminal case of theft is initiated, which can turn into a fine or correctional work for the offender.