"Best Friends" and "Barrel" on the Mediterranean Coast

"Barrel".  Andrei Sidorov
"Barrel". Andrei Sidorov

An exhibition of works by The Most Beautiful Country photo contest participants is now open in Israel. It takes place in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Tel Aviv. The exhibition will run through December 6, 2018.

The exposition includes more than 40 photographs. Among them there is a fox pictured by Denis Budkov, the "Barrel" by Andrei Sidorov showing a Baikal seal baby, Dmitry Arkhipov’s touching composition "Best Friends", "Parallel Worlds" by Vladislav Sokolovsky and other unique pictures.


"Best friends".  Dmitry Arkhipov
"Best friends". Dmitry Arkhipov

It should be noted that at the moment The Most Beautiful Country exhibitions are open in several countries around the world: in Malta, in Slovenia and Moldova.

The photo contest “The Most Beautiful Country” is a media project of the Russian Geographical Society, in which tens of thousands of photographers annually participate. The competition is dedicated to the preservation of Russian wildlife and the promotion of respect for the environment. It was first held in 2015. During the four years of existence of the competition, about 400 thousand pictures were uploaded to the site of the photo.rgo.ru project. The rules of creative competition are not limited by age and place of residence of participants. The main condition is that photos should be taken only in Russia. Exhibitions of works by photo contest participants  are regularly held in this country and abroad.

Submissions for the V Most Beautiful Country photo contest are now open.