Bikin celebrates its Birthday

Photo by: the press center of the Amur Tiger Center
Photo by: the press center of the Amur Tiger Center

On November 3 the Bikin National Park celebrated three years since its creation. This specially protected natural area of federal importance in Primorsky Krai was created on the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2015.

"For three years Bikin has developed into a specially protected natural area. We hope that the national park will maintain its pace of development and will be not only home to people living in the Bikin river valley and rare animals, but also a favorite place for tourists from all over the world", said Director General of the Amur Tiger Center Sergey Aramilev.

On the territory of this youngest Far East national park there grow rare plants, live red book animals and birds. Among them there are striped wild boars, brown and Himalayan bears, black storks and fish eagle owls. Here the only left in the Primorsky territory large forest area, untouched by industrial logging, is being protected. In addition, compact settlements of the local Udege and Nanai tribes, living a traditional way of life, have been preserved in these places.

The Bikin national Park is considered one of the key habitats of the Amur tiger. It is here where one of the last individuals of the predator survived and thus the population of this unique cat was restored in Russia. According to the latest data, Bikin is home to more than 40 Amur tigers, which is 10% of the world population of this subspecies. Work on their conservation is supported by the Amur Tiger Center.