Birding competitions were held in the All - Russian Children's Center "Ocean"

Фото предоставлено ВДЦ "Океан"

For the first time, birding, or sports ornithology competitions were held in the All-Russian Children's Center "Ocean" among the teams of the specialized shift of the Russian Geographical Society called "World of Discoveries". Representatives of the Non-Profit Partnership for the Promotion of Ornithology "Birds and People" Yulia Gorelova and Mikhail Podsokhin became mentors for schoolchildren in this fascinating activity.

The beginning of June is a very interesting period from an ornithological point of view, said Elena Lubashevskaya, coordinator of the "World of Discoveries" project. The teams had a task for a limited time not only to photograph as many feathered inhabitants of the "Ocean" as possible, but also to identify them correctly.

"Previously, special reference books were used for this. Now it's enough to download an application to your mobile phone that will help the guys identify a particular species not only by appearance, but also by a birdcall. The guys coped with the task perfectly", said Elena Lubashevskaya.


Фото предоставлено ВДЦ "Океан"

Specialized shifts of the Russian Geographical Society "World of Discoveries" in All-Russian and international children's centers have been held since 2015. This is the largest youth educational project of the RGS, in which more than five thousand children from all over Russia have already participated. As part of the program, they conduct their own research, get acquainted with the most modern professional equipment, meet with famous scientists, directors, travelers and experts in various fields of geography. The Krasnodar regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society is engaged in organizing and conducting the "World of Discoveries".