Commemorative Plaque in Honor of Geographer Georgy Lappo Unveiled in Lgov

Памятная табличка в честь Георгия Лаппо. Фото: Курское областное отделение РГО

A commemorative plaque in honor of the outstanding Russian geographer Georgy Lappo appeared on the building of secondary school No. 4 in the city of Lgov in the Kursk Region. The commemorative plaque was installed as part of the project of the Russian Geographical Society designed to celebrate the contribution of the RGS members to the development of territories and tell local residents about their talented countrymen.

April 18 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Georgy Mikhailovich Lappo (1923-2020), a famous Soviet and Russian economic geographer, honorary member of the Russian Geographical Society, laureate of the Konstantin Medal of the Russian Geographical Society.

Having fallen in love, according to his own recollections, with cities from a bird's-eye view (during the Great Patriotic War he served as a flight radio operator), Georgy Lappo drew inspiration from many branches of science, culture, and art all his life. At the same time, he himself was multi-talented, which formed a unique vision of urban problems, allowing him to apply a new approach to the study of human settlements. The concept of the settlement support framework proposed by Lappo provided an alternative to the classical Soviet school of zoning and served as a general shift in the paradigm of socio-economic geography towards attention to man.

On the day of the 100th anniversary of George Lappo, an unveiling ceremony for a commemorative plaque in his honor was held in Lgov. The outstanding geographer is a graduate of the city railway school No. 32, the successor of which is school No. 4.

The commemorative plaque was installed with the assistance of the Kursk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society. The event was attended by the representatives of the city administration and the Russian Geographical Society. Lyudmila Popkova, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, professor at Kursk State University, Chairman of the Kursk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, told the audience about the life and work of Georgy Lappo.

“His life can serve as an example of how to live, how to serve your native country, and how to create your own development trajectory in general,” Lyudmila Popkova emphasized.

Name plaques in honor of outstanding geographers are being installed in various Russian regions within the framework of the project "Commemorative Plaques of the RGS", dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society.