Contribution to the Conservation of the Far East

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September 29, a solemn celebration dedicated to International Tiger was held in the Mariinsky Theatre in Vladivostok.  Awards of the President and Government of the Russian Federation, a medal and certificates of the Russian Geographical Society and awards of the Amur Tiger Center for contribution to the conservation of the natural complex of the south of the Far East were given at the event.

Tiger day is an ecological holiday celebrated in the capital of the Primorsky Krai on the last Sunday. The purpose of the festival is to draw attention to the problem of wildlife conservation, including the Amur tiger. The initiative of the festival belongs to writer Vladimir Troinin.

The Amur tiger is the largest and most Northern subspecies of the tiger. In total, there are less than 600 individuals of this wild cat in the world. About 95% of the Amur tiger population lives in Russia and 5% in China. In 1947, the Amur tiger was taken under protection and tiger hunting was fully prohibited in the USSR.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to the participants of the tiger Day. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Gordeev read it.

The celebration included the rewarding of those who have made a significant contribution to the preservation of the nature of the south of the Far East.