A Cooperation Agreement Signed with the Magadan Region

from 49gov.ru
from 49gov.ru

In Magadan, an agreement on cooperation between the Russian Geographical Society and the Magadan region has been signed by Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Ssociety Petr Baklanov and Governor of the region Sergey Nosov.

The agreement is aimed at joint environmental and tourism projects, promotion of geographical knowledge among the population of the region, preservation of ethnic, cultural and historical identity of the Magadan region.

"We plan to make a series of tourist maps and an atlas of the Kolyma region in the electronic form," said academician Peter Baklanov. According to him, one of the projects will be connected with the development of tourism on the island of Zavyalov in the sea of Okhotsk.

Sergei Nosov stressed that the Magadan region could be interesting to tourists, both Russian and foreign. "I am very glad that our projects are supported by the Russian Geographical Society”, he concluded.

Governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov, Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society Petr Baklanov, Head of the Magadan regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Alexander Nesterovich, Deputy Chairman of the regional Duma Alexander Basansky, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the region of Veronika Chernova and others took part in the round table devoted to the role of tourism in the development of the Magadan region.

According to Peter Baklanov, the Kolyma region has great prospects for the development of tourism due to its location. Sea voyages are now gaining popularity, including those in the Far East. In turn, the development of tourism, according to the academician, entails the development of the infrastructure of the region.

Governor Sergei Nosov noted that serious work was underway to develop a strategy for the development of tourism in the region. "A tourist coming to the Far East must visit the Magadan region. We have many beautiful places. But first we need to create conditions for the development of tourism", the head of the region said.