Create Your Question for the Geographical Dictation 2022

Участники Географического диктанта. Фото: пресс-служба РГО

On March 15, started the international RGS competition for the best questions for the Geographical Dictation 2022. We invite everyone to take part in it.

The Geographical Dictation is an international educational event of the Russian Geographical Society, which will be held for the eighth time in 2022. By tradition, we continue to prepare Dictation tasks with your help. Anyone can simultaneously participate in the international competition "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation" and one of the regional competitions "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation". All competitions will last until June 15 inclusive. Please read the terms and conditions of the international competition before submitting your question.

Who can participate in the competition

Anyone, regardless of age, place of residence and citizenship. The only condition is faith in science and passion for geography.

Basic requirements for questions

Subject. Questions should be interesting, contribute to the development of interest in geography, popularization of geographical knowledge. They should be focused on general geography and Russia. Foreign territories can appear in questions only in connection with Russia.

Level of difficulty. Questions should be as clear as possible and concern only those geographical concepts, terms, objects and phenomena that you need to know as a result of mastering the school curriculum in geography. But at the same time, the questions should not be too simple.

When drafting questions, keep in mind that the audience of the Geographical Dictation is very wide – these are schoolchildren and students, working people and the older generation. For the most part, they do not have a specialized geographical education and do not have special knowledge on this topic, but they are interested in geography, travel, tourism and expeditions.

Question types. The competition accepts questions of a closed type, with answer options. Important: There can only be one correct answer per question. Requirements for questions and examples can be found here.

How many questions can be submitted to the competition

There is a strict restriction here – one person can send only one question.

How do we choose the best questions?

All questions submitted to the competition will be sent for examination. It will be conducted by professional geographers and scientists representing the related sciences (historians, biologists, art historians, and so on). Experts will determine the best questions, which will be in the Dictation forms.

The list of finalists will appear on the website of the Russian Geographical Society no later than June 30, 2022; the list of winners – no later than July 31, 2022.

Submit a question

Regulations on the international competition "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation"