The Curonian Spit

The Curonian Spit. Photo from the website
The Curonian Spit. Photo from the website

The photo project with the support of the Russian Geographical Society has announced the virtual tour through the famous national park, which consists of 18 spherical panoramas, having been shot above the Curonian Spit.

Along the seaside of the Baltic sea there stretches the 98-kilometer dry land strip of a saber form - the Curonian Spit, which was included to the list of natural monuments of UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year of 2000 for its amazing landscape and biodiversity.

The Curonian Spit – the unique natural phenomenon. This is the narrow strip of sand (width from 400 m to 3.8 km), covered with dunes and forest, separates giant Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

The Spherical Panoramas differ from the usual photos with that fact that the viewer can turn the picture himself in any direction, change the viewing angle, zoom in and out separate areas of the panorama. The technology is that when viewed on a big screen there is a complete feeling of being in the air above the place where the survey was conducted.


The Lesnoy village. Photo from the website
The Lesnoy village. Photo from the website

There has not existed virtual tours with the air spherical panoramas of the Curonian Spit, which differ with the survey of the highest quality.

AirPano – is non-commercial project, having been created by a small team of Russian amateur photographers, specializing in high-resolution panoramas, which are being surveyed from the air. The AirPano is the world's largest resource by location of aerial surveys, by the number of air panoramas, by artistic and technical quality of the material foe today. There are presented more than 2000 panoramas already, which show more than 200 famous places of the Earth from the air, they are the following: North Pole, Antarctica, Mount Everest, the world's largest capitals, as well as the most significant heritage sites by UNESCO, and even shooting from the stratosphere.

In the year of 2015 the AirPano for the third time presented grant of the Russian Geographical Society for the further development  of the project, within the frames of what the virtual tour «The Curonian Spit» was created.

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