Day Of The State Flag Of The Russian Federation Celebrated In The Arctic

Российский триколор в Арктике. Фото: Александр Зубков/ААНИИ
Российский триколор в Арктике. Фото: Александр Зубков/ААНИИ

A huge tricolor was deployed in the Arctic by the polar explorers from the drifting station "North Pole – 41" on the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation. The ceremony was held at the coordinates 83°31’ N, 51°48’ E.

The event became part of the "All Elements" project, during which the flag of the Russian Federation is unfolded in the most extreme conditions and iconic places of the planet. A panel 4,807 cm long and 2,960 cm wide was prepared for the ceremony, and a safe section of the ice field was selected.

The flag and 24 polar explorers who participated in the event arrived at the location from the ice-resistant platform "North Pole" and the research expedition vessel "Akademik Treshnikov". They were taken to the ice field by two flights of the Ka-32 helicopter.

“The Arctic is a place of strength where only steadfast and courageous people, true patriots of their cause, can work. At the drifting station ‘North Pole – 41’, our scientists conduct unique and important research for the country, allowing them to develop new sea and air routes, develop promising territories and deposits, and preserve the unique natural environment of the Arctic region. Polar explorers are separated from the mainland by ten months of drift in the most difficult climatic conditions, surrounded by ice and the coldest ocean on the planet, whose depth reaches 4 km. We want them to feel supported, that's why we have deployed a large-scale Russian tricolor here," said Aleksandr Makarov, director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.