Ecological Camps of the Russian Geo Society

Katun Reserve. Photo by: Polina Kulagina
Katun Reserve. Photo by: Polina Kulagina

Submissions for all-Russian selection of participants in ecological camps of the Russian Geo Society that will take place in Kabardino-Balkaria and Katun nature reserves and the Alania national park are open now. Young men and women aged 18-35 from all Russian regions may submit.   

Kabardino-Balkaria Mountain Reserve is a specially protected area located in the territory of Cherek and Chegem districts of Kabardino-Balkaria of the Greater Caucasus and the side ridges in the upper reaches of the rivers Cherek-Balkaria, Cherek, Chegem and Bezengi.

Katun nature reserve is located in the highlands of the central Altai Mountains of south Siberia. Katun is an internationally important center of biodiversity, forming part of the "Golden Mountains of Altai" UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Alania national park was created to preserve unique natural complexes in the southwestern part of the Republic of North Ossetia. It is located on the northern slope of the Central Caucasus Mountains. The only road here is through the valley of the river Urukh, through the unique canyon of Ahsinta.

As part of the program, volunteers together with scientists will arrange ecology trails and clear up specially protected areas. They will also gather field materials and take professional photos and videos. In addition, young participants will take part in sightseeing tours to the most picturesque places in Russia and get acquainted with the unique nature of these regions. 


Alania. Photo by: Anton Agarkov
Alania. Photo by: Anton Agarkov

The organizers will pay for tickets from the place of residence to the reserves and back and provide food and accommodation at no cost. 

Dates and places of environmental camps:

Kabardino-Balkaria Reserve: July 2 - 15, 2018, the village of Kashkatau, Chereksky District, Kabardino-Balkaria

Katun Reserve: July 30 - August 12, 2018, the village of Ust-Koksa, Ust-Koksinsky District, Altai Republic;


Alanya National Park: July 16 - 29, 2018, the village of Chikola, Iraf district, North Ossetia-Alania.

To join, it is necessary to fill in an application form.

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