Elk And Cubs Made A Selfie In The Voronezh Reserve

Photo: Alexander Mishin
Photo: Alexander Mishin

Elk cow and cubs got caught in the lens of one of the camera traps established in the Voronesh Reserve named after Peskov. The animals were actively studying a new item in the forest - the automatic camera - and they made an excellent selfie in the process. The staff of the reserve joked that "the elk held a photo workshop for the cubs".

Most often camera traps caught animals in the lens at a watering place. For example, at the end of June, the reserve staff posted a video with a brood of young piglets that came to the watering place with their mother. Earlier, a little elk calf got in the lens, which paces through the forest with a moose cow and squeaks dolefully.


Voronezh State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after V.M. Peskov established in 1927. It is located in the Central Federal District, on the border of the Voronezh (Verkhnekhavsky District) and Lipetsk (Usman District) regions, and occupies the northern half of the insular forest area - Usmansky Bor. The reserve area is 31 053 ha. The rivers Usman and Ivnitsa flow through the reserve, there are numerous swamps here.

There are 345 species of vertebrates on the territory, including: 228 species of birds, 61 species of mammals, 39 species of fish, 9 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptiles, 1 species of lamprey. The largest mammals belong to the order artiodactyls. These are elk, wild boar, European red deer and roe deer. Wild boar is the most numerous species, in some years there are 1000 and more individuals in the reserve. The number of roe deer is estimated at several hundred, and the number of moose and red deer amounts to several dozen individuals of each species. Wolves, foxes, raccoon dogs, badgers, beavers and other animals also live in the reserve.