An Envelope to Mark the Geographical Dictation Issued

On the eve of the Geographical Dictation, Marka joint-stock company issued an art stamped envelope to mark the educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society. 1 million copies of envelopes were issued.

The Geographical Dictation of the Russian Geographical Society is a large-scale international educational campaign initiated by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. This year the event is organized for the fourth time. It will take place on November 11, 2018 in Russia and abroad.

The Russian Geographical Society together with the Federal Communications Agency traditionally issues "geographical" postcards, envelopes and stamps. In total, more than 4 million copies have been issued since the beginning of the year. Among them there are stamped marks devoted to the 170th anniversary of the Society and the 175th anniversary of the birth of Russian traveler and geographer Nikolai Przhevalsky, postcards dedicated to the project "Geographers to the Great Victory" and other stamps.

Souvenir products of Marka joint-stock company are sold at the Russian Post offices as well as in the “Collector” shop of the joint-stock company Marka (located in Moscow on Prospect Mira, 118).