«Everything is just beginning »

The Big Tyuters Island lighthouse. Photo by Andrey Strelnikov
The Big Tyuters Island lighthouse. Photo by Andrey Strelnikov

The 10th of May at 21:00 on the TV-channel «Strana» there was shown an interview with Artem Khutorskoy – the Head of the Complex expedition «Hogland», one of the most scale initiatives of the Russian Geographical Society. Khutorskoy told about the history of the project – from the very beginning of it in 2013 to the present season – and about the future plans.

- Every year, when the next expedition is over, you tumble home exhausted, - Khutorskoy says, - and literally passes a couple of week, you have had a rest a little, and you think – maybe to look aside, to write a plan for the next year while? And that is all, you do not digress, you sink, leaving to head in a new project.

The «Hogland» expedition to the outer islands of the Gulf of Finland has already given impressing results. The collections of the military museums of the Ministry of Defense have been replenished by the rare samples of military equipment since World War II, and knowledge of the biosphere of the Baltic Sea expanded significantly. Besides, the impressive tourist potential of Hogland is being open from year to year.

- It is just a Klondike for travels, - Khutorskoy notes. – If we build such kind of algorithm of mastering of  our country by tourists, that is about to be universal resource, which can be developed for decades, if not for centuries.

The volunteers of the Russian Geographical Society as in previous seasons,  are taking part in the complex expedition «Hogland» of 2016. The departure of  the volunteer assistant researchers` group from Moscow will take place in the morning of May 16th.