Expedition Record Breathtaking Video Over the Amur

Горячие горы в верховьях Амура. Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции
Горячие горы в верховьях Амура. Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции

The expedition of the Amur Regional Branch of the RGS on the Amur has ended. For two weeks, its participants were sailing on the Great Amazon of Asia, as the filmmakers figuratively called this border Siberian river.

The study of the Amur this year took place within the framework of the project "Mon Amur – 2022: Geography and Love Story". The current expedition is part of the Amur Basin Complex Expedition of the Russian Geographical Society. The goal is to find out the current state of the river and explore its tourist potential.

The expedition traveled along the Amur River from its beginning at the confluence of the Argun and the Shilka Rivers to Blagoveshchensk, covering a total of almost 900 kilometers.

For two weeks, the participants were taking photos and recording videos of natural objects, settlements, and historical sites. Among them are the Burning Mountains; the Cherpelsky and Kumarsky meanders; the Amur meander; the mouths of the rivers flowing into the Amur (the Amazar, the  Urka, the Urusha, the Guran, and others); the Kumarsky Cliff; Dva Brata Rock; as well as the villages of Ignashino, Jalinda, Albazino, Chernyaevo, Ushakovo, Novovoskresenovka, Busse, Kalinovka, and others.

Perhaps the most impressive video recording was a video shot with the help of a high-speed drone. The viewer’s experience invokes the feeling of riding a roller coaster: you want to buckle up, tightly. And sometimes – to close your eyes. However, judge for yourself.