Finalists Of The Crystal Compass Award Determined By Expert Council

Photo: RGS branch in Krasnodar
Photo: RGS branch in Krasnodar

The expert council of the Crystal Compass National Award determined the finalists of the competition at a meeting held at the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in Moscow. The finalists included representatives of Russia and the UK. The names of the winners will be announced at the 11th award ceremony.

The authors of outstanding achievements and unique projects in the field of geography, ecology, and preservation of natural, historical, and cultural heritage will receive the cherished statuettes made of crystal and silver in 11 categories. The names of the 10 winners will be determined by the members of the expert council of the award. The 11th – in the category "Public Recognition" – was determined by the popular vote held on the official website of the project.

More than 136,000 people took part in the selection of the best project. The “geographical Oscar” will be awarded to the representatives of the Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, which became the winner with the project "Park-Museum of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia" in the city of Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. More than 41,000 people voted for it.

The Crystal Compass National Award is held under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives. The partner of the award in 2023 is the company OTEKO, the style partner is Indever. In 11 years, the expert jury has evaluated 3,720 projects and achievements from 45 countries of the world. In the special category "Public Recognition", where the laureates are determined by Internet voting, more than 2.5 million people expressed their preferences. Among the prize winners and holders of the coveted crystal statuette of the past years are Fedor Konyukhov and Frederik Paulsen, Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Institute of Glaciology and Ecogeography, Lanzhou University and the Swiss Polar Institute, KamAZ PJSC and the National Geographic Society, as well as many others.

The following projects and achievements made it to the finals:

Category "Scientific Achievement"

Irkutsk State University, Lake Baikal Foundation, Yandex.Cloud

The program of long-term ecological monitoring of Lake Baikal "Area No. 1".

Kulakov Ivan Yuryevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Member of the RAS

"The Structure of the Active Volcano on the Gakkel Ridge in the Arctic."

Saint Petersburg State University, Kola Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Krivovichev S. V., Yakovenchuk V. N., Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Konopleva N. G., Panikorovsky T. L., Bazai A.V., Mikhailova Yu. A., Bocharov V. N.)

"Discovery of a New Mineral of the Russian Arctic – Sergeysmirnovite".

Category "Education"

Guild of Interethnic Journalism (headed by Lyange Margarita Arvitovna)

The project "National Accent".

Illarionov Gennady Vladimirovich, Gorevoy Igor Gennadievich

The film "The Amur. High Shores".

Center for educational, media, and creative solutions in the field of environmental protection "RusEco"

The project "Ecological and Educational Center ‘Collection’".

Category "Best Socio-Informational Project for the Conservation of Natural, Historical and Cultural Heritage"

Youth volunteer association "Restavros"

Volunteer projects for the preservation and restoration of objects of historical and cultural heritage.

Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg LLC; a branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area

Historical and geographical project "Secrets of Mangazeya".

Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

"Park-Museum of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia".

Category "Best Environmental Project of Industrial Enterprises, Businesses"

 Gazprom Helium Service LLC

The project "Natural gas: The Ecological Basis of the Production Activity of Gazprom Helium Service LLC".

Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Admiralty Shipyards JSC, JSC DB Vympel, Federal State Budgetary Institution Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

"Research Expedition Vessel Ice-Resistant Self-Propelled Platform ‘North Pole’".

Branch of Rosenergoatom JSC "Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant"

The project “MOX Fuel: Clean Energy for Humanity."

Category "Journey and Expedition"

 Kazakevich Anatoly Aleksandrovich

Expedition "Great Rivers of Siberia".

Autonomous non-commercial organization "Center for the Promotion of Expeditionary Activities"

"Expeditions for Everyone!"

M. V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University.

"Arctic Floating University 2012-2022".

Category "Best Mass Media Project, Media Project"

 Sukhanov Nikita Sergeevich

Travel show "Po Regionam!" (eng. “Across Regions!”).

Zvezda TV Channel (author and director Vladimir Shuvannikov)

The documentary film "Solovki: Guarding the Russian North".

Albireo Films, Arbugaev Maxim Germanovich, Arbugaeva Evgeniya Germanovna

The documentary "Haulout".

Category "Publication"

Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry, and Ecology of Perm Territory

The book "Hunting, Fishing, and Ecological Tourism in the Perm Region".

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Commission on Cultural Geography of the Moscow City Branch of the Russian Geographical Society (Bricheva S. S., Vedenin Yu. A., Zhelezny O. M., Ignatov K. Yu., Kalutskov V. N., Kolomeitseva O. V., Matasov V. M., Morozova M. M., Firsova A.V.)

Literary Atlas of Russia "Literary Geography of Russia".

Tenetov E. A., Abramovsky V. N., Barzenin A.V., Belov A. O., Gernet N. S., Dmitrievskaya G. A., Zubov A. S., Skachkova S. S., Shironova A. P.

The book "Long Exposure: Collection of N. V. Pinegin's Color Transparencies from G. Ya. Sedov's Expedition to the North Pole 1912-1914".

Category "Photography"

 Bochkov Aleksandr Viktorovich

The project "Flora and Fauna of Samarovsky Chugas Natural Park".

Kibenko Valery Aleksandrovich

Photo project "Monitoring the Socio-Economic Well-Being of the Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the North Living in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Leading a Nomadic Life".

 Trofimov Stanislav Sergeevich

Photo project "The Marvelous Island of Valaam".

Category "Civic Participation"

Zalikhanov Mikhail Chokkaevich

Long-term social and scientific activity.

 Komarov Dmitry Aleksandrovich

Historical and ethnographic complex "Tonya Tetrina", "Making Zeitgeist Tangible".

 Sotnich Egor Maksimovich

Children's educational program "Selenga: Let's Save Baikal!".

Category "The Best Regional Project"

 Historical and cultural festival "DanshinoFest"

The project "Ancient Mordovian Village of Danshino: Territory of Rebirth".

Ryazan Regional Branch of the all-Russian public organization "Russian Geographical Society", Gazprom Transgaz Moscow LLC

Ecological, educational and tourist project "Land of Paustovsky".

Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society (project manager, Guryevskikh O. Yu., program director, Vershinina E. V.)

1st All-Russian gathering of geography teachers "Rediscovering Russia with Geography Teachers!".