First Youth Clubs Were Opened Abroad

Photo: Nikolay Razuvaev
Photo: Nikolay Razuvaev

The Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society is expanding its borders. New Youth Clubs of the Russian Geographical Society have been opened in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. This happened due to important changes in the Concept of the project - now clubs can be organized abroad. Ankara, Antalya and Bishkek are pioneers in the work of our young geographical team abroad.

Work on the creation of Youth Clubs of the Society has been begun in June 2016. At present, there are 144 Youth Clubs of the Russian Geographical Society in Russia. A new version of the Concept was approved on March 20, 2019. In accordance with the Concept provisions, it is possible to open Youth Clubs of the Russian Geographical Society not only in Russia, but also abroad.

The goal of the project is to study and popularize geography and related sciences, preserve the nature of Russia, historical and cultural heritage, as well as the joint heritage of Russia and the country in which the RGS Youth Club is opened.


Фото с сайта
Фото с сайта

– Why did you decide to open the RGS Youth Club?

Russia is a very big, populous and multinational country. Its geography, history, of course, attracts the interest of the inhabitants of Turkey, where many our compatriots live and the young bilingual children generation is growing up. They are carriers of Russian and Turkish cultures. Of course, they should study the history and geography of their native country. There are also students of the Russian language and literature departments and they have no opportunity to study the history and geography of Russia in depth. All these factors inspired us to create the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society in Ankara”, said Evgenia Dogan, the head of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society in Ankara.

Ivan Ivanov, the head of the youth team in Bishkek, in turn, notes that he was inspired to open a club in Kyrgyzstan by heroic deeds of great travelers, that made new geographical discoveries.

Many travelers, such as Semenov-Tyan-Shansky, Przhevalsky, tried to make geographical discoveries for the benefit of the Fatherland. I like the activities of the RGS, I have loved geography since childhood, and my life is closely connected with it - I took part in expeditions more than once, including the Arctic ecological expedition on Vilkitsky Island. And I want the young people in Kyrgyzstan to be inspired by the discoveries, - said Ivan.


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- In which direction are you going to develop the activities of clubs?

- Creating the club is, to some extent, a career guidance. We have practically professional regional experts in the team who, perhaps, will help activists to decide on the choice of their future profession. It is also an opportunity for us to create an interesting new area of cooperation between the two countries and expand acquaintance with Russia not only through the Russian language, but also through the geography of our country”, explained Alexander Babayev, the head of the RGS Youth Club in Antalya.

The head of the RGS Youth Club in Kyrgyzstan added that it is important to strive to make the project more popular, that is possible if you are active enough and organize as many geographic actions as possible.

We want to make a popular project in the country that would unite under the auspices of the RGS and geography not only compatriots, but also other ethnic groups. If we will hold more events, then we have a chance. Many schoolchildren and students already ask about us and want to join the club. Our goal is to increase the level of knowledge in the field of geography of both, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, - added Ivan Ivanov.

Evgenia Dogan noted that the RGS Youth Club has every chance to become popular in Turkey, because now educational activities are in demand among young people in the country. The girl also said that in their club, emphasis will be placed on the educational and entertainment direction and work with media content, that is one of the most effective ways of popularizing science.

We are going to involve students of Turkish universities in conducting various events as participants, volunteers, as well as creators and translators of videos about the RGS. This will help expand our audience and attract not only Russian-speaking youth. We are already preparing quests, quizzes, educational meetings and competitions on the high-speed collection of the map of Russia, - Evgenia told.


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Is it possible that the RGS Youth Club will unite the scientific communities of Russia and other countries?

- I think yes. We hope to attract students of geographical and historical faculties, cooperate with universities, invite local scientists, geographers, amateur researchers for meetings, lectures and other events. It is even possible to prepare scientific publications for leading specialized publications in Turkey and Russia in two languages ​​that will cover the geography and history of countries, since there are many historical and geographical ties between our countries”, - Evgenia Dogan emphasized.

Alexander Babayev agreed with words of the colleague and explained that the opening of the RGS Youth Club in Turkey is the rallying of both, the scientific and cultural community: "Cultural interaction is necessary. Let's remember, there are amny kinds of geography: population geography, historical geography, cultural geography, social geography and many others. This is a huge layer of work that unites different directions. Perhaps the work of clubs abroad will affect the creation of a positive image of Russia in other countries. "

“Everything is possible if we hold events under the auspices of the RGS and invite scientists from other states often. Cultural interaction can be realized through various events and actions in which Russia, its culture, and geography will be mentioned", Ivan Ivanov noted.

The team of the Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society continues to grow, and we look forward to new leaders and activists. This year the project is also planned to be implemented in the Czech Republic and Abkhazia.

Thanks to the new version of the Concept, the head and member of the club can now be a citizen of any country, and events can be held not only in Russian, but also in the language of the country where the club was opened. Another important innovation is the ability to attract partners and sponsors to events, giving them the official title “Partner / Sponsor of the RGS Youth Club”.

If you also want to join the team of geographer enthusiasts and open your Youth Club in Russia or abroad, then fill in the application form on the web site of the RGS Youth Club.