Flag of the RGS Raised on the "Roof" of the Altai Mountains

Флаг РГО над Алтаем. Фото: Олег Костренко

The flag of the Russian Geographical Society soared over one of the most grandiose mountain peaks of Russia – Belukha – on the eve of Geographer's Day and the Festival of the Russian Geographical Society. It was brought to the highest point of the Katun Ridge and the whole Altai by the six climbers from the Semyon Chelyuskin Travelers Club in Krasnoyarsk. The ascent was dedicated to brothers Mikhail and Boris Tronov, who were the first to conquer the "roof" of the Altai Mountains in 1914.

The Semyon Chelyuskin Travelers Club was founded in 2007 in Krasnoyarsk. Over the past 15 years, athletes have had many interesting and challenging hikes in various regions of Russia.

In July 2021, the Semyon Chelyuskin Club, with the support of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, organized an expedition to the Republic of Buryatia. There, in the valley of volcanoes, 17 travelers installed a memorial plaque in honor of a member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, Prince Pyotr Kropotkin.


Здесь вам - не равнина. Фото участников экспедиции

As part of the current expedition, the club members climbed Mount Yubileynaya along the route with a scale of difficulty 1A, the top of Mount Stazherov (2A), Mount Aktru (3A), and Mount Radistov (2B). However, the main task was to conquer the eastern peak of Mount Belukha with a height of 4506 m (4A).

The ascent, which took 10 days, was made by Krasnoyarsk residents and Muscovites Oleg Kostrenko, Viktor Kostrenko, Nikita Vasiliev, Alexey Vlasov, Sofia Chukhnova, and Yaroslav Petukhov. They paid tribute to the heroism and dedication of the climbers of the past and present and dedicated the project to the Tronov brothers.

“I would like to say a big thank you to the Russian Geographical Society for the constant support of our expeditions! It is very important. This time we also felt that the RGS was with us. And with great enthusiasm, we raised the flag over the top," said Oleg Kostrenko, the head of the expedition, a member of the Russian Geographical Society.


Участники восхождения. Фото: Олег Костренко