From the 1st to 4th of February at 22:45 the air of «Kultura» channel there will be showing the documentary series «Frost», created with grant support of the Russian Geographical Society. This new large-scale project presents the most detailed study of low temperatures in the history of national television. The director, author and presenter of the project – the journalist Evgeny Krivtsov.

Four series of the film will tell about the origin and destruction of civilizations depending on how the climate had been changing  on various natural areas, about the incredible - beautiful and dangerous properties of ice, and about the way people withstood frost at different times, and the way they are trying to «tame» it and use it for their own purposes, and about many other things.

There are famous Russian and foreign scientists amongst the experts, involved to the project. Having watched the film, the audience will get to know a lot of facts of geography, history, medicine, glaciology, physics and psychology.

The shooting took place in 2015 in Russia, Antarctica, Greenland, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, the US, India and Argentina.