Geoparks of Bashkiria Will Be Following Global Climate Change

Фото предоставлено Отделением РГО в Республике Башкортостан

On the territories of the “Yangan-Tau” and “Toratau” geoparks, scientific work has begun to study the consequences of global climate change. For this purpose, special expensive devices – data loggers – were purchased with the funds of the Russian Geographical Society grant. They will help scientists constantly measure the temperature and humidity of the air. This data is used for analysis of a certain time interval. It is especially important that data loggers can be used in different types of biocenoses – in the steppe, in the forest.

"Center for Science, Education, Ecology, Culture and Tourism ‘Geopark ‘Yangan-Tau’" ANO received a grant for the creation of an educational and scientific database for geoparks of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the category "Preservation of the natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia", including within the framework of UNESCO programs.

It is extremely important for the geoparks of Bashkiria to create an educational and scientific database in order to meet the criteria of global geoparks and the sustainable development goals. For its implementation, they have already acquired the necessary technical equipment, and they are also planning to expand and prepare educational programs. Students, teachers, geoguides will be able to use the database.


Фото предоставлено Отделением РГО в Республике Башкортостан

"One of the main objectives of UNESCO Global Geoparks is the development of education and research in the field of earth sciences. Realizing the goals of sustainable development, geoparks strive to help address global challenges, including climate change. Thanks to the creation of a scientific and educational database, park employees monitor local manifestations of global climate change," said the Scientific Director of the “Yangan-Tau” Geopark, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor Larisa Belan.

Children became the main assistants of scientists in scientific work. Young geologists of the republic were involved in the project – children from the Children's Ecological and Biological Center "Rostok"(eng. “Sprout”). Schoolchildren living in the Geoparks participate in scientific research. Lectures on climate change for children from the village of Urman-Bishkadak were also recently held in “Toratau”. In the context of a pandemic, the same lectures will be held in other schools, but in an online format.

“Thus, the study of the territory of both geoparks is being carried out, as well as the development of children's understanding of the value and fragility of the surrounding nature and the need to treat it with care,” Larisa Belan explained.

Rustam Sirazetdinov