The German Submarine From The Time Of The Great Patriotic War Was Discovered On The Shores Of The Kara Sea

The Kara Sea. Photo: Semyon Deyak
The Kara Sea. Photo: Semyon Deyak

Krasnoyarsk traveler, member of the Russian Geographical Society Igor Chapalov said that a search for the German submarine will be organized within the framework of the planned expedition "We are going to the Arctic".

We received information about the possible location of the unknown German submarine from the times of the Great Patriotic War on the shores of The Kara Sea. Coordinates are being specified. In this regard, we made a decision to engage the H-29 hydroplane in the expedition "We are going to the Arctic" for solving problems of searching and establishing the exact coordinates of the underwater object", said Igor Chapalov.

The hatch is battened down in the submarine. Experts say, perhaps the opposing party forced the submarine to go to the shore, and after that the crew left it. Previously, experts have met similar situations on the Black Sea. However, without studying the object, nothing definite can be said. Now there is no information even about the kind of the submarine.

The expedition starts in the middle of May in the city of Yeniseisk of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. 10–15 people will pass on two specialized rafts to Dudinka, and then through Norilsk along the river Pyasina to the Arctic coast of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The main goal of the expedition is to conduct environmental studies and clean up the Arctic coast from the waste of the polar stations of the USSR, as well as collect historical information on the development of the North. In particular, a register of rare specimens of ancient technology will be compiled that may help to make the exhibition in the future Museum-Park of the North in Krasnoyarsk on Molokov Island.

The collection of equipment and unique information for the planned museum is actively conducted by the Krasnoyarsk regional department of the Russian Geographical Society. An international expedition took place to return the "Douglas" C-47 aircraft to Krasnoyarsk from the Taimyr tundra in 2016–2017.