Go Round the World in 4 Days

Every year in the springtime, the frigate “Pallada” leaves Ulyanovsk, inviting children and adults to a virtual journey around the world. On the festival you can meet famous geographers, see photos and videos from expeditions. An interactive environment designed for the festival creates an effect of being plunged into a journey by simply moving around festival thematic zones: visitors get a chance to visit different parts of Russia and abroad.

Not only to visit, but also to find yourself in different situations: at meteorological stations or in chemical laboratories, in a pottery workshop and on artificial climbing walls. Young people liked both geographical puzzles and drawing with 3D handles, as well as other activities.

Volunteers from different regions of Russia worked in 40 interactive zones. Among the guests there were artists and famous people:  artist Yury Rost, documentary director Vladimir Strugatsky, famous polar explorer Valery Lukin, and editor-in-chief of National Geographic Russia Andrei Palamarchuk.

As part of the festival, the “Treshnikovskie Readings" scientific conference was held. More than 300 scientists, teachers and students took part in it.  More than 8,000 people visited the festival during 4 days of its work.