Grant Competition of the Russian Geographical Society

The Russian Geographical Society's grant competition-2015 starts October 31, 2014. Applications may be submitted through the online system on the website  until November 30, 2014. 

Any person or organization can apply for for a grant. Applications are accepted only through the online system. Only registered users have the right to use it. 

 We shall consider the application in the following categories: 

  1. Conduction of geographical research;
  2. Organization of expeditions and travels;
  3. Environmental and geographical education;
  4. Preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Russia;
  5. Wildlife ppreservation;
  6. Theoretical and practical research;
  7. Youth grants;
  8. Popularization of geographical knowledge (media projects). 

Stages of the grant competition: 

Applications submission for grants 

4 weeks


Regional examination of applications 

3 weeks


Technical analysis of the results of regional expertise 


10 days


Examination of applications by members of the Expert Council 


3 weeks


Results of the competition, the meeting of the Expert Council 


2 weeks

till 13.02.15


                                        Main criteria for the grant competition:

  • Openness to receiving applications and the fairness of grants;
  • Transparency of the consideration of application process;
  • Support of projects on the principles of co-financing;
  • Prospects for projects after termination of financial aid;
  • Financing of a grant project is carried out for a period of 1 year, with possible extension in the future (no more than for 2 years on the results of the examination);
  • The name and the content of a grant project must not coincide with the name and the content of any of the planned R & D carried out by the organization and financed from the federal budget.



Limits for the regional branches  grant funds




One grant

fund (rub.) 

 Conduction of geographical research 

1 500 000

 Organization of expeditions and travels 

2 000 000

Environmental geographic education,

including "School Geography" 

600 000

150 000

 Publishing work 

600 000

Preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Russia 

600 000

Wildlife preservation  

600 000

Youth grants 

150 000

Popularization of geographical knowledge (media projects) 

1 500 000

Grant competition algorithm 

Criteria for assessing applications for the regional expertise 

Expenses that are not funded 

We will regularly update the progress of the grant competition. Follow it on the website!