Happy New Year 2021

Dear friends, colleagues, associates!

It's time to take stock of 2020. We can hardly call it the best in life, but it has taught us to stick together, respond to the challenges of the time, help each other in the most difficult and unforeseen situations. To overcome distances with closed borders and to give the warmth of hearts to those who need us. And of course, we began to value more non-online, in-person, meetings – at festivals, exhibitions, lectures. We are very much looking forward to when face-to-face communication becomes possible again. We believe that this moment is not so far away. The Russian Geographical Society survived the Civil War and the blockade, our specialists continued to work and make discoveries in conditions much more terrible than coronavirus and panic. Together with you, we did a lot this year as well. We celebrated the first Geographer's Day and the 175th anniversary of the Society; conducted large-scale expeditions, "The Most Beautiful Country" photo contest, the Geographical Dictation and so on. In addition, Russian people began to travel much more around Russia and got to know it in all its diversity. If you read our news, then you are aware of all these events.

Thank you for staying with the Russian Geographical Society, following our projects, helping the ideas of enlightenment, and conserving nature as much as you can.

Congratulations on the upcoming year 2021!

Let it become for you a year of joy and discovery, interesting travel and harmony with yourself! We wish you fulfillment of wishes and good health! Peace to your home! Let everything that is conceived come true!

Executive Directorate of the Russian Geographical Society