Happy Victory Day!

Dear friends!

The Russian Geographical Society together with the whole country celebrates the Victory Day in Great Patriotic War.The heroism and courage of our people made it possible to withstand the destructive onslaught of invaders and to win, giving the next generations the opportunity to live in a free and independent country.

Millions of people had been fighting the enemy during 1418 days and nights. There were geographers amongst them unknown heroes of the Great Patriotic War. The surveyorsdrew a map and pointed out where to shoot. Hydrologists helped the infantry to boost the rivers, and helped the tanks to pass through the swamps. The meteorologists were forecasting the weather and helping the commander to choose the offensive day. The Great Patriotic War became the war, in which the peaceful sciences about earth became a special type of weapon.

The Russian Geographical Society congratulates you all on the great Victory Day and wishes health, prosperity and peaceful sky over your head!