Horse Expedition "From The Pole of Cold to the White-Stone One" Reached Novosibirsk

Якутские конники. Фото: Александр Гармаев

Dashing Yakut riders Duguidan Vinokurov and Michil Neustroev, making a horse run from Oymyakon to Moscow, were warmly welcomed in Novosibirsk. The participants of the expedition "From the Pole of Cold to the White-Stone One" will spend a week in the capital of Siberia, relax, meet with schoolchildren and students, fans of equestrian sports and tourism, and then move on.

The purpose of the project "From the Pole of Cold to the White-Stone One" is to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the Yakut horse and other native Siberian breeds, to remind about the cultural, historical and economic traditions of the peoples of Russia related to horse breeding, as well as to draw attention to the need for further development of equestrian tourism. The expedition, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Yakut ASSR, started on March 5, 2021, in the Oymyakonsky District of Yakutia. By June of this year, the riders plan to reach Moscow, where they will take part in the national Yakut holiday Yhyаkh. The project is supported by the Russian Geographical Society.

The members of the expedition are experienced riders and horse breeders who have been accustomed to the saddle since childhood. According to their own words, they are not chasing fame or records, but just want to test themselves and tell the world about their favorite business and beautiful Siberian horses.

At a press conference in Novosibirsk, Duguidan Vinokurov and Michil Neustroev expressed deep gratitude to all those who help the participants of the run in the implementation of a bold plan. Without such support, the large-scale expedition simply could not have taken place. The horsemen are going to write a book about their journey through Russia and about the wonderful people who live in it.

“Nothing is lost when there are such kind people in the world. Everything is fine here in Russia. Without kind people and friendly handshakes, it would be impossible to master this road,” Michil Neustroev stressed.


Участников экспедиции радушно встречают в Новосибирске. Фото: Екатерина Вронская

In Novosibirsk, Yakut horsemen were greeted as family. The local racetrack provided a hotel so that the riders and their horses could rest comfortably. The horse Suntar, who has injured his eye with a branch during the last crossing, will be given the necessary help.

The representatives of the Yakut diaspora were also glad to meet with their fellow countrymen. They gave a performance in national costumes to the accompaniment by a folk musical instrument — khomus.

The government of Novosibirsk Oblast will help the expedition to choose the best route bypassing the highways. It will pass through the territory of nine municipal districts. The riders will have to cross 700 kilometers and visit more than 20 cities. It will take about 20 days.

“Along the way, we will assist in providing feed for horses and provide veterinary support. We will also help in organizing places of rest and overnight accommodation. The participants of the expedition will be able to observe sawing season in Novosibirsk Oblast,” said Denis Gamza, head of the Livestock Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Novosibirsk Oblast.