The III Festival of the Society is over

Photo by Petr Gubanov
Photo by Petr Gubanov

At the Central House of Artists in Moscow there has been completed the III Festival of the Russian Geographical Society. It was held from the 3rd till the 12th of November, 2017 and it was dedicated to the unity and diversity of the peoples of our country.

For ten days of work of the Festival there were held more than 300 events: lectures, film screenings, master classes, film premieres, creative meetings, speeches, quests and geofigths. About 30 regions participated in the preparation of the program and exposition of the project, and about 50 scientific institutions, public organizations, museums and media holdings became its partners.  


Photo by Petr Gubanov
Photo by Petr Gubanov

Thanks to that the organizers managed to create the most interesting expositions, the total area of which was six thousand square meters. On the site of the Festival it was possible to make a tour of the traditional dwellings of the peoples of our country, which are located a few meters from each other – to look into the plague of Tuvinian-Todzhans, the Bashkir yurt, the Chukchi yaranga, the Cossack hut with genuine objects of everyday life. The smiths minted hundreds of festival coins for happiness, the guests made thousands of photos in national costumes and tied an uncountable number of ribbons to the «Tree of Desires».  


Photo by the press-service of the Russian Geographical Society
Photo by the press-service of the Russian Geographical Society

World-famous folklore groups were performed on the stage of the geographic holiday, in the cinema hall premieres of new scientific and documentary films were held, and in the historical zone it was possible to find out the details of the famous expeditions of the Russian Geographical Society, to see the originals of old maps and manuscripts. Besides, there were presented precious exhibits from the Scientific Archives of the Society – the figurines, discovered by Russian traveler Pyotr Kozlov in the legendary city of Hara-Hoto. 


Photo by Petr Gubanov
Photo by Petr Gubanov

The winners of the contest of the Russian Geographical Society «The best guide of Russia» made their creative excursions along the regions of our country, and there were exhibited the works of the winners and the finalists of the III Photo contest of the Society «the most beautiful country» in the exhibition area. 

The guests of the Festival are sharing their impressions

Grigoriy Kravchenko: «The historical area of the Festival inspired me! I am thinking of becoming a scientist! I would like to go to the Siberia and to the Far East. I would like to study the life of local residents».

Olga Pankova: «There is an interesting stand with recipes for dishes of national cuisine! I have adopted some of them. I am going to cook at home Karachai Khychin and Udmurtskiy Perepecha. I am also planning to do embroidery, I was sitting and stitching with great pleasure at the master-class. Here I learned a lot of new things, I will introduce this knowledge into my life!»

Olga Povolyaeva: «I was really impressed by the traditional costumes – they are very beautiful, functional and modest, they carry purity, teach us chastity, instill a good taste».

Sophia Mikhailova: «Me and my friend were impressed by the throat singing. What way do the artists manage to do that? I think they should learn doing that all their lives».

Alexey Ionin: «I was the photos of the exhibition «The most beautiful country» at the exhibition. Now I want to see the northern lights with my own eyes! I hope I will manage to do that!».

Tatyana Bogdanova: «After visiting the Fesival I want to see Khakassia. I'm very sorry that all our lives we went only around European Russia, mainly in a sanatorium, in the Baltic States, and we had never been in Siberia and the Far East. But we managed to see all Russia at the Festival!»

Dmitriy Kozir: «After watching the photo exhibition I got the desire to travel! I was really impressed by the photos of Torzhok, the city cites of it and the monasteries. I think that I will go there on my holidays or just for the weekend».

Egor Firsov: «At the Festival, for the first time in my life, I saw a yurt and a plague, I went in and looked at what was inside».

Galina Karakchieva: «I would like to thank all the organizers for this wonderful Festival! Here I got acquainted with the unique cultures of the peoples of our country. Especially I was impressed with the way how the peoples of the North preserve their culture in an amazing way».

Nadezhda Sukhareva: «We do not want to leave the Festival… We have seen everything not just once, participated on master-classes. Here, at the Festival, there is a feeling of coziness, unity, that we are together. There are various people living in Russia, but at the same time we are one country and one family».