In the incredible world of dolphins

"Being a dolphin" - a unique book dedicated to the Black Sea dolphin - the common bottlenose dolphin.

The book consists of articles based on the work of leading Russian and foreign experts in cetaceans, and the experience of people engaged in training dolphins. The reader will also find real-life stories about dolphins.

There is nearly a hundred unique photos which have never been published before, taken in aquariums and in the Black and Red Seas.

The inspirer and publisher of the book is Evgeny Abramov - Deputy Head of the Undersea Research Centre of the Russian Geographical Society regional branch in Krasnodar. He co-operated different people to work on this edition - scientists, researchers, photographers, trainers, journalists and many others.

"I invite you to the place where creatures see with their ears, hear with their jaws, sleep with one eye open and play day and night; unknown but fascinating world about which we still have much to learn - says Evgeny Abramov. - Our book is an attempt to tell about this strange world, tell about the relationship of a man and a dolphin."

Presentation of the book took place in the office of National Geographic. Russia in Moscow. Later it will be presented in a couple of cities of Krasnodar Krai and in professional associations and organizations of Russia.

Ivan Chaika, Chairman of Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society