President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu
President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu

Dear friends!

I congratulate all of you on the 169th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Geographical Society!

Throughout its history, the Russian Geographical Society provided support to projects and programs aimed at the study of Russia, the development of the geographical science. Many great research and discoveries of world importance were made under the auspices of the Society. It is suffice to mention the role of our organization in the development of the Arctic, Siberian studies, studies in the Far East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the expedition to Persia, New Guinea, South America, Africa and many other geographical research.

At various times, members of the Russian Geographical Society were prominent public, government and academic leaders. Among them are: Fyodor Petrovich Litke, Nikolai Mikhailovich Przewalski, whose 175th anniversary we celebrate this year, Nikolay N. Maclay, Roald Amundsen, Tur Heyerdahl, Vladimir L. Komarov, Ivan Papanin, Alexei Fedorovich Treshnikov and many other prominent individuals.

Today, like more than half a century ago, many expeditions and research important for our country are being conducted with the support of the Russian Geographical Society. Over the past few years 150 expeditions have been made and 360 grants and projects have been implemented. The most ambitious archaeological and geographical expedition “Kyzyl – Kuragino” and Arctic expeditions, including the New Siberian Islands, and ecological expeditions, such as the “Fukushima”, as well as underwater and military-historical expeditions are among them.

All this is possible thanks to the active support of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society, which is headed by Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, as well as members of the Media Council of the Society.

Currently, the Russian Geographical Society brings together more than 500 leading experts in the field of geography, ecology, ethnography, and related sciences, 85 regional offices and 14,000 members of the Society.

I am sure that the team of the Russian Geographical Society will continue the glorious tradition of the great discoveries and journeys, learning and promoting natural, historical and cultural heritage of our country.

I wish you all good health and success!

President of the Russian Geographical Society, S.K. Shoigu