The IV International Speed Festival "Baikal Mile 2022" Has Finished

Участники соревнований. Фото: ГрандТур "Байкальская миля"

From March 9 to 13, the IV International Festival of Speed ​​"Baikal Mile 2022" was held on the ice of Lake Baikal. On the legendary lake near the village of Maksimikha in the Barguzinsky District of Buryatia, 106 of the country's best pilots gathered on a wide variety of racing equipment, including those of their own design. In total, 67 vehicles took part in the competition: cars, airboats, sports prototypes, motorcycles, buggies, drift trikes, sports cars and much more. Among the participants of the "Mile" was the team of the Russian Geographical Society.

The festival was attended by more than two thousand spectators, representatives of various media, including television, online publications, newspapers and blogs. This year, a new absolute speed record was set on the ice of Lake Baikal for all four years of the festival. Pilot Lev Garyaev accelerated to 283.766 km/h on a vehicle equipped with an aircraft turbojet engine from a Yak-40 aircraft. The fastest among motorcyclists was Anatoly Ushakov on Suzuki Hayabusa, showing the result of 240.200 km/h.


Общий снимок на льду Байкала. Фото: ГрандТур "Байкальская миля".

On the way to Lake Baikal, the participants of the race stopped at the so-called places of power to perform route tasks related to the history, geography and cultural heritage of different regions of Russia. The crew of the Russian Geographical Society – Armen Avanesyan, Anastasia Zaitseva and Alina Chizhikova – got No. 8 and the Altai route through Barnaul, Biysk and Gorno-Altaisk with a visit to Taganay National Park during the draw on February 13. The Russian Geographical Society participated in the preparation of this exciting quest.

On the ice of Lake Baikal, Armen Avanesyan competed in a Pajero in the class of cars with a gasoline engine of up to four liters; Anastasia Zaitseva in the same Pajero, but in the class of cars with a gas engine; and Alina Chizhikova in a specially delivered to Baikal Lincoln Mark VII in the class of cars with a gasoline engine up to five liters.

The festival of speed "Baikal Mile 2022" was held with the support of the government and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Buryatia, the Russian Geographical Society, many Russian companies and the media.