January 11 is the day of Reserves and National Parks

Кроноцкий заповедник. Фото: Сергей Краснощёков
Кроноцкий заповедник. Фото: Сергей Краснощёков

Dear friends, colleagues, team-mates!

January 11 is the day of reserves and national parks in Russia. We are happy  to congratulate you!

Worldwide, Russia is associated with endless forests, blue lakes, fascinating landscapes, wild animals and beautiful plants! In a way, it is your merit that most of our country is like that.

In Russia there are 231 specially protected natural territories of federal significance: 108 reserves, 63 national parks and 60 zakazniks. By 2024, another 24 new protected areas will appear in the framework of the "Ecology" national project, 5 of which were created in 2019. And this is the work of thousands of people who burn with their hearts and make every effort so that our children and grandchildren do not learn what the Przewalski's horses and Amur tigers look like, what is a Venus shoe and a thousand-year-old taiga forest from books, but they learn it in real life.

Environmental protection is necessary like air: while everything is fine, no one notices your work. Should the system fail for some reason (for example, poachers, illegal loggers, landfill sites, etc. appear) - each of you is a fighter who confronts human greed and stupidity, while maintaining a fragile natural balance.

We say thank you and wish you mental and physical strength, good health, prosperity, understanding and always good weather!

the Russian Geographical Society