«Keepers of Altai» at VDNKh

Plateau Ukok. Photo by Valery Stepaniuc
Plateau Ukok. Photo by Valery Stepaniuc

The 3rd of March at 18:00 at VDNKh in the pavilion «Worker and Collective Farm Girl» there will take place premiere of the full version of the documentary film «The Keepers of Altai». The guests of the event will meet with the director and operator of the picture - Konstantin Serebryakov.

The beauty of Altai is fascinating: snow tops and glaciers, alpine lakes and waterfalls, steppes with horse herds, taiga with mighty cedars. At all times the Altai has been considered the home of great peoples - Scythians and Sogdians, Huns and Turks, Mongols and Russians. They left a memory of themselves in rock carvings, runic inscriptions, stone warriors, ancient traditions, mythical epics ...

The documentary tape became the result of 25 expeditions and many years, dedicated to the study of the region. In particular, the filmmakers traveled to the Ukok plateau and to the Altai villages, to communicate with people who preserve local natural, historical and cultural heritage. Their stories formed the basis of the picture.

The entrance to the film screening is free, without registration.

How to get there:

VDNKh metro station, exit to the city from the northern entrance hall - to VDNKh, to the Museum of Cosmonautics. From the metro walk 10 minutes along the Avenue of the World (VDNH remains on the left). Also you can get to the complex from the monorail station «Street of Sergei Eisenstein» (3 minutes on foot). Near the complex there are buses №311, 33, 286, N6, 154, trams №11, 17, 25, trolleybuses №14, 76, 48.

Scheme of passage: