From Kola Peninsula to Kamchatka: 14 Glampings You Can Visit in Winter

Модульные постройки глэмпингов интегрируются в естественный ландшафт территории. Фото:

Transparent domes, tents, and wooden houses with fireplaces and floor-to-ceiling windows, loved by many, have become a real trend in eco-tourism. Glamping is a nature vacation with postcard views in the mountains or on the banks of rivers, which in terms of the overwhelming romance levels can be compared with tent camping, and in terms of the degree of comfort – with a four-star hotel. Most of them end their season in October, however the most persistent ones are open all year round.

Glamping types depend on the types of the buildings rented: eco-houses of different shapes and sizes, mobile geo-domes, and safari-tents (log tents with awnings). They are united by their minimalistic interiors, the presence of heating systems, a bathroom, a mini-kitchen, as well as large panoramic windows with a beautiful view outside. We offer a selection of 14 cozy places where you can relax away from civilization in the autumn-winter season.

"Klever" houses

Art Park "Nikola-Lenivets", Kaluga Oblast


Ещё одно преимущество глэмпингов — инстаграмный вид. Фото:

Two-level houses made of timber with a transparent wall through which myriads of stars can be seen at night, and fabulous snowy expanses during the day. Thanks to this solution, the surrounding pastorals become part of the interior. Outside, the cottages are sheathed with deliberately rough boards, and from the inside –with white plywood. A small potbelly stove on the ground floor and an insulated facade are responsible for heating. The house is designed for a family of up to four people. The shower and toilet are in the same room. The amenities in the houses include a set of dishes and Wi-Fi.

On the territory of the art park "Nikola-Lenivets" there are other year-round accommodation facilities – the spacious "DublDom" with its own bathroom; the skater’s house "Shtab" with a place for skating; "Villa PO-2", assembled from concrete fence slabs; "Dom-Antresol’" made from old doors; and "Art-Kazarma".

Eco-camping SFERA

National Park "Lake Pleshcheyevo", Pereslavl-Zalessky


Иногда домики для глэмпингов делают в стиле национальных жилищ. Фото:

On the shores of Lake Pleshcheevo, there is a whole city of eco-houses, Mongolian yurts, and geo-domes. Positioning itself as a project aimed at promoting ecotourism, SFERA glamping offers a complete reboot in a protected forest. Domes with transparent sections and Mongolian yurts have wood-burning fireplaces for heating. The triangular two-level houses are equipped with gas convectors. The shower is communal here, in the administration building, and each dwelling has its own dry toilets.

For entertainment – a bathhouse, boat and bike rental. In winter, to create the atmosphere, you will be served a samovar on birch logs, a guitar, and a mug of mulled wine made over the campfire.

Shanti home

Priozersky District, Leningrad Oblast


Дома формата а-фрейм треугольной формы с окном во всю стену имеют, как правило, второй уровень в виде мансарды. Фото:

A hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg, on the banks of the Ladoga area, there are two villages – Shanti Les and Shanti Ozero. 12 wooden houses with window-walls are hidden in the depths of a dense northern forest, 11 more are located on the shore of the lake. Each dwelling has potbelly stoves, hammocks, and outdoor wood-fired hot tubs (where you can warm yourself up even in winter), as well as its own terrace, from which it is pleasant to catch colorful sunsets.

For entertainment – a bathhouse with a panoramic view of the river, boat and ski rental. In the evening, you can rent a projector and enjoy watching your favorite movies from your laptop or phone.

GREENVALD Park Scandinavia

Vyborgsky District, Leningrad region


Природа в глэмпингах становится продолжением интерьеров номеров. Фото:

This is no longer just a glamping, but a whole amusement park in a coniferous forest. The main attraction is the six tracks of the rope park of varying difficulty, passing over the surfaces of the river and lake, as well as an 800-meter zip line, a shooting range, and even a climbing wall. The park is open all year round; there are special "baby" routes for children from three years old. In addition, there is a cross-country ski rental, trout fishing, grill houses, a bathhouse, and a panoramic Finnish sauna.

There are two Scandi houses with a transparent wall, small cottages with skylights in the roof, and triangular two-level A-frame houses – a special architectural form in the shape of the letter "A". All dwellings are equipped with heaters, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and grill terraces overlooking the lake in the pine forest.

"Bereg Legend" Glamping Park

Khangalassky district, Yakutia


Многие глэмпинги предлагают гостям особые программы на Новый год. Фото:

Nice houses of various sizes and dimensions on the banks of the Lena River offer you to get acquainted with the severe Yakut frosts (up to –50°C!) in a cozy, friendly atmosphere. The glamping is located in a secluded place, an hour and a half drive from Yakutsk. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a potbelly stove, and a barbecue. Winter lovers will appreciate ice fishing and walks in the snowy taiga.

The two-level A-frame houses with panoramic windows are located so that you can admire the views of the river from your bed. There are closed garages for private cars on site; those who wish can order a transfer to the park.


Khalaktyrsky beach, Kamchatka


Особое удовольствие — засыпать и просыпаться под шум волн, особенно зимой. Фото:

Glamping on the shores of the Pacific Ocean overlooking the volcanoes – Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Kozelsky – is still the only one of its kind. In the autumn-winter period, guests are offered a Scandinavian-style house: two double beds, a dressing room with a mirror, a kitchen with a stove, a microwave and a barbecue, and a heater. Spa lovers will appreciate the cedar barrel sauna with panoramic view of the ocean waves that you can dive into after bathing.

In winter, KAMRELAX is the only house on the coast with autonomous electricity and water, which is maintained by the project’s team. It is not difficult to get to this islet of civilization in the snowy tundra – it is located half an hour's drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. However, the mysterious atmosphere created by the place itself gives you the feeling that you are in the most unique place on the planet.

You can not only look at the waves and volcanoes, but also take the risk of conquering them. Adventure seekers can enjoy climbing jeep tours, winter surfing, helicopter excursions to the Valley of Geysers and hot springs, as well as all kinds of fishing.

"Zapovedniye mesta" Glamping Hotel

Anyui National Park, Khabarovsky Krai


Сферы, укутанные снегом, создают дополнительный уют в зимний период. Фото:

Insulated panoramic domes are located in a forest area, on the banks of the Anyuy River. Each tent has electricity and air conditioning; and a local chef sets the tables with signature Far Eastern cuisine in the shared lounge area with plush sofas. The name of the glamping speaks for itself: the recreation center, 300 km from Khabarovsk, is located in the heart of Anyuysky National Park, the least changed by human activity.

Interesting features: an outdoor Siberian bathing tub heated with wood and fir branches, snowmobile excursions, observation of the Siberian tiger through camera traps, ukha made with freshly caught fish, and hot punch made over the campfire.

Dome hotel "Vdokh"

Chemalsky District, Altai Republic


Формат подобного отдыха, как правило, семейный: большинство зимних домиков рассчитаны на три-четыре человека, по запросу возможна установка детской кровати. Фото:

Panoramic domes and traditional Altai yurts are located in one of the most romantic places in Russia. On one side there are picturesque mountain crevices, on the other – the turquoise Katun. Futuristic domes with eco-friendly interiors in earthy tones elegantly blend into the natural landscape. Each room has a hot shower, a heater, a climate control system, and a potbelly stove. The yurts have heated floors.

In one of the tents there is a spacious cafe with a terrace and barbecues. And in winter you can book a grill house and cook your favorite shashlik there for a large company. All groceries are available on-site.

Cheposh Park

Chemalsky District, Altai Republic


Просторная терраса с видом на заснеженные деревья создает поистине сказочную атмосферу. Фото:

Another glamping in Altai offers for rent a chalet with panoramic windows and a view of the Katun. The wood-paneled houses are equipped with a kitchen area for cooking and hot water showers. Covered terraces are carefully hidden behind amber pine trunks that saturate the fresh mountain air with subtle notes of pine needles. And on New Year's Eve, the rooms are decorated with real fir trees.

Special attention is paid to children here. For the young guests, certain types of leisure have been planned out – playgrounds, entertainers, master classes, and their own menu in the restaurant. Special dishes are offered for the vegetarians here. For example, a fern fried with garlic and pine nuts. And meat lovers will be treated to a venison rubanina ​​and yak tenderloin stew. For those who like to cook over an open fire, there is a special picnic menu with marinated meat, a bottle of mulled wine, and small marshmallows.


Birsky District, Bashkortostan


Круглые окошки напоминают иллюминаторы и гармонируют в морской тематике с видом на озерную гладь. Фото:

Wooden monocle houses with round windows at the foot of the bed, which are intended to replace a TV, add a special lovely charm to this place. The recreation center is located in a recreational area on the shores of Lake Shamsutdin, an oxbow of the Belaya River, one of the most popular reservoirs in Bashkiria, a hundred kilometers from Ufa. For entertainment – piers with boats, hammocks and swings, a public area with barbecues, a playground with a tree house, and a mini-store. In winter there is fishing in a warm tent right on the ice of the lake (tackles can be rented), an ice slide with sledding tubes and a ski track.

The houses have electric heating, a shower, a kitchen with a stove, a refrigerator and a set of dishes. For extra comfort, the mattresses also have heating.

Urman Camp

Zelenodolsky District, Tatarstan


Здесь, как в отеле, при заселении вы получите весь необходимый текстиль: белоснежное постельное бельё, тапочки, халаты и полотенца. Фото:

For winter recreation, the glamping offers wooden A-frame houses, each with its own interior, heated floors, potbelly stoves, and showers. The kitchen area and barbecue on the terrace are used for food preparation. For spa rituals, a bathhouse with a panoramic window facing the sunset overlooking the spring is installed on the territory, and on the terraces of the houses there are personal hot tubs – bath vats and Japanese furako tubs.

The interiors of the rooms are thought out to the smallest detail: a two-level design, a rocking chair with a blanket, firewood in a woodpile, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, a large dining table, a set of bathrobes and towels, a hairdryer – all the attributes of  good "four stars" are presented in full. The cozy atmosphere is complemented by board games and a turntable.

Spa glamping "LES"

Sochi National Park


Кто сказал, что загорать в гамаках можно только летом? Фото:

In the valley of two rivers, in the thicket of a relict forest, the pristine wilderness of the Caucasus meets unobtrusive hotel service with an extensive spa program. The thermal zone offers four types of baths for every taste: a Russian steam room with fragrant bath brooms and tea, a herbal hay sauna with Himalayan salt, Japanese cedar furako and ofuro tubs with warm sawdust, and a Finnish sauna with linden and juniper. There is a separate relaxation area with detox drinks, a spa menu with various masks and massages, as well as relaxing yoga classes.

Warm tent houses are available for living. Each room has floor heating (and even heated sheets), thermal insulation and air conditioning. Room amenities include a shower room, a mini fridge, a coffee machine, and a pillow menu. The gastronomic component of the resort is the responsibility of the author's cuisine restaurant, which received the heartwarming name ZAYKA. There is a children's menu and entertainment, culinary shows from the chefs, and dishes made from products from local farms.

Glamping "SPHERE"

Krasnaya Polyana


Зима в этом районе обычно мягкая, температура редко опускается ниже 5 градусов мороза. Фото:

Three domed houses, a bathhouse and a furako tub – that's all there is to chamber glamping in the mountains. The advantages include being almost walking distance from Krasnaya Polyana, privacy, instagrammable tents, and mesmerizing views of the Caucasian peaks. Each area has its own shower/toilet, a potbelly stove, and a kettle. Wi-Fi is available on site, and a barbecue can be rented.

Aurora Village

Kolsky District, Murmansk Oblast


Помимо охоты за северным сиянием, здесь интересно понаблюдать за хрупкой северной природой. Фото:

Perhaps the most incredible glamping on the list: panoramic domes overlooking the northern lights! 50 kilometers from Murmansk, in a place where the absence of unnecessary light sources creates the correct darkness for observing the polar glow, there are 10 domes, through the transparent walls of which it is good to enjoy spectacular shows while lying in a warm bed. The Northern Lights can be seen all year round; the main condition is a clear sky. In addition, the Aurora Village website publishes forecasts of the brightness of this unusual phenomenon for the month ahead.

The two-level tents are equipped with central heating, an oven, a bathroom with heated floors, mini-fridges, and barbecues on the terrace for cooking. For entertainment – outdoor hot tubs, ski and snowmobile rental, as well as excursions to Teriberka.

Julia Gopius