Kuban "Branch" of Australia: Spiders Entangle the Whole Village

Фото предоставлено Краснодарским отделением РГО

Residents of Anapa faced an invasion of spiders – trees and shrubs, benches and other surfaces of the Alekseevka microdistrict and the village of Anapskaya are completely covered with cobwebs. Anapa Rosselkhoznadzor experts said that this was the first such case in their memory.

"Something weird happened in Anapa. Everything is covered with cobwebs: cars, bushes – everything is completely white," said one of the residents of the city.

A strange natural phenomenon reminded many of Australia, where every year local residents flee from the invasion of arthropods. In Anapa, layers of cobwebs were observed near houses that are located near the reed beds. The phenomenon may be connected with a local increase in temperature and humidity – this led to the spiders hatching en masse ahead of time.

After hibernation, the spiders began to actively cleanse their bodies – this explains the abundance of cobwebs. According to experts, the district heating substation, which is located nearby, served as a refuge for the spiders during the period of cold weather.

According to arachnologists, they may belong to the kind of the so-called social spiders that live in colonies. This explains the local nature of the phenomenon. The arachnids do not pose any danger to humans. All the more so, because of the cold weather that came after the warming, most of them, unfortunately, died. However, during this time, they could significantly reduce the population of harmful insects.