A Mammoth Skull with Flint Tools Found in Moscow Region

From pixabay.com
From pixabay.com

An important discovery was made by archeologists in Zaraysk, 150km south-east of Moscow. They found a mammoth skull with flint tools inside it. The finds are about 20 thousand years old.

The Zaraysk site is a monument of world importance. It is in the heart of the ancient Russian city of the same name in the Moscow region. Archaeological excavations have been conducted here since 1980. The site yielded figurines and carvings on mammoth tusks, bisons carved from mammoth ivory, different decorated objects and other finds. 

Sergey Lev, the head of the RAS Archaeology Institute’s archaeological expedition said that during the 2018 season they discovered a rich cultural layer. It includes large bones, teeth, tusks and mammoth jaws. One of the most impressive finds was a mammoth skull with flint tools. It appears that ancient people tried to keep everyting necessary for hunting as well as ritual items in a convenient and compact place, in the skull of a large animal. At that time mammoths lived in the territory of the modern Moscow area.

The archaeologists have also excavated a primitive man dwelling of with a hearth, laid with stones. This is a rare discovery for this territory. For the last time such a discovery was made in 2005.

Another interesting find was a unique leaf-shaped two-sided tip, on which traces of ancient paint are visible. The archaeologists suggest that the tip had a sacred value associated with magical hunting cults. The experts hope to find the DNA of ancient people on this tip.