The media grant contest - 2017

The 6th of February the Russian Geographical Society starts getting the applications for media grants. The bidding campaign will last till the 26th of February.

The significant part of the media grant contest is the support of the initiatives of the Russian Geographical Society. It is important to make the films and other projects suggested by the grant applicants tell about the expeditions of the Society, its history, its unique geographical potential and heritage of Russia.

The interests of the Russian Geographical Society are not limited only with these trends. The application for the media gran can be given for any topic which is interesting to you, within the activity of the Society.

Any person or organization may become the applicant for the media grant.

The receipt of applications is being conducted only by means of the electronic system on the website

We are wishing success and creative inspiration to all the applicants!

Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind that we have perfect reasons for your reportages and news besides the topics for media grants.

Thus, the Russian Geographical Society goes on working on the creation of a database (electronic inventory) of the caves of Russia and of large caves near abroad. Within the frames of this project in 2016 there was conducted a number of search and research expeditions to Altai, the Caucasus, the Crimea, Dagestan and Chechnya.

The expeditions are being carrying on thus year, and their geography will become even wider, and the crews will be able to take part in some studies.

The result of the project will become the Atlas of the Russian caves and creation of the database. At the present moment there has been gathered information of almost 1800 underground spaces in the retrieval system «The Caves».

The Society is actively developing its Phenological network. Phenolgy is the science of seasonal natural phenomena, the timing of their occurrence and the reasons for defining these terms. Seasonal changes in nature define a way of life of many peoples. Phenological observations – is the most massive, long-term and reliable source of information about the state of nature. Besides, it is very interesting to make this kind of research.

«The Arctic Floating University» - is innovative educational project, during the time it is held – the young scientists – the researchers of Artic are getting knowledge and skills in the real world of the northern seas.

The Russian Geographical Society supports conducting training, research and production practices of students of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, and of the other universities of Russia and foreign countries on the research ship «Professor Molchanov».

There is one more floating university – the university of the Volga basin, the young scientists are studying the Gorky reservoir water and the surrounding areas of the Volga under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Maps, books, diaries of famous explorers and other treasures of national geography you can see in the unique collection of the Russian Geographical Society. The scientific library of the Russian Geographical Society is being digitized at the moment. Thanks to this you have an unique opportunity to see the rarities without leaving home.

For more detailed information please address the press-service of the Russian Geographical Society.