In memory of Evgeny Suzyumov

The opening ceremony of the memorial plaque in honor of the famous polar explorer Yevgeny Suzyumov was held on December 12 on the initiative of Penza regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society. The plaque was installed on the building of Penza gymnasium № 4 "Steps"  - the scientists graduated from it in 1925.

The ceremony was planned to be held at the day of the 60th anniversary of the Soviet polars’ first landing on the snow-covered Antarctic expanses. At the memorial plaque Evgeny Matveevich is depicted in the form of a naval officer.

The ceremony was attended by authorities, representatives of non-governmental organizations, historians, teachers and students of the gymnasium.

According to Sergei Pulikovskiy, Deputy Chairman of Penza Oblast Regional Government, "the memorial plaque is a tribute not only to a specific person, but to the whole generation of researchers."

In turn, Chairman of Penza regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Igor Pantyusha read a letter from the polar explorer’s son - Alexei Suzyumov, who currently lives in Paris and is a UNESCO consultant.

"... I address students of the Gymnasium № 4, their parents, teachers and residents of the city of Penza: friends, love your hometown and love our homeland, study it, make it strong. It requires thorough knowledge, skills and perseverance. Everyone can make his own little break, but together you will achieve more. I wish you all success in your field, "- says Alex Suzyumov.

Also on behalf of the polar explorer’s son, he donated a unique edition about the Suzyumovs - natives of Penza - to the school museum.


Igor Pantyusha opens the memorial plaque
Igor Pantyusha opens the memorial plaque

Chairman of the regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Igor Pantyusha, speaking at the ceremony, also noted the contribution of Eugene Suzyumova in the Arctic exploration and stressed that the plaque was installed in duty to remember those who had selflessly served the Fatherland, and to bring the memory of Penza exploits back on the pages of the history of Russia.

The participants paid tribute to Eugene Suzyumova by a minute of silence. The ceremony ended with the laying of flowers.


1945. With Ivan Papanin
1945. With Ivan Papanin

Eugene Matveyevich Suzyumov (January 17, 1908, Penza - April 30, 1998, Moscow) was a Candidate of Geographical Sciences, honorary polar explorer, writer, member of the Russian Geographical Society (Geographical Society of the USSR), scientific secretary of the First Soviet Antarctic Expedition (1955-56. ), organizer and participant of many expeditions to different parts of the oceans. In the postwar period he primaraly focused on planning and organizing support for research expeditions to the world ocean, NSRA and AS USSR expeditions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Author of 13 popular science and history books and numerous articles about the war in the Arctic, about the studies of the oceans. He was awarded 7 awards and 14 medals.

Roman Kashin, deputy chairman of Penza regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

Photo: Pavel Shishkin, Roman Kashin, "Penza-News"