Mom Found: Happy Ending of the Story of a Lonely Tiger Near Khabarovsk

Фото: Виктор Сторожук, участник конкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"

Specialists from the Amur Tiger Center and the Hunting Supervision Service of Khabarovsk Krai found the tracks of a tiger cub, which they had been looking for in Lazo District since the beginning of December. People spotted a lonely cub on a logging road, and his fate has since worried many social media users from different parts of the country. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief: adult footprints were found next to the baby's footprints. Mom is nearby.

The Amur Tiger Center emphasized that they had checked on the well-being of the tiger family a week prior. However, in order to ensure its safety, the information was not immediately made public.

Two teams of the Hunting Supervision Service of Khabarovsk Krai with the support of the Amur Tiger Center were sent to search for the tiger cub. They checked a section of the Khabarovsk-Nakhodka highway and logging roads, open spaces and the banks of reservoirs, conducted interviews with employees of logging enterprises, owners of apiaries and hunters, drivers and local residents.

According to the eyewitnesses, it became clear that a tigress with a cub appeared in the area. On December 5, 24 kilometers from the village of Yuzhny, they found footprints of a baby with a paw pad size of 6 cm. They were leading in the direction of the Labaz Spring. After another 200 meters, the inspectors found tiger tracks with a paw pad size of 8.5 cm. They were left by an adult female. Further, both tracks joined each other and went in the same direction.

"This story is very similar to the situation that happened almost simultaneously with three tiger cubs in Primorsky Krai. During the hunt, the mother left the tiger cub, and out of curiosity, he went out on the road. Passing cars frightened the baby, and he went not quite in the direction where the adult tigress had left him. We are glad that the tiger family has reunited safely and the tiger cub will be more careful in the future. Our week-long silence on this issue was due to the need to ensure the safety of the tigress and the tiger cub and make sure that they moved sufficiently far away from the place of detection," said the general director of the Amur Tiger Center Sergei Aramilev.