More Excellent Students: Summarizing the Geographical Dictation – 2021

Фото: пресс-служба РГО/Анна Юргенсон

The Geographical Dictation–2021 ended on November 24. The Russian Geographical Society will summarize its final results later, but even now we can say that the international educational campaign has had more people who got an excellent score then before. At least 11,600 participants answered all questions correctly in the remote format. The average score is 26 out of 40, which is slightly higher than in previous years.

The pandemic made adjustments to the event: in 2021, the number of those who decided to take the Dictation online increased significantly. 371,153 people answered the questions of the online version without registration. A year earlier, this path was chosen by 200,908 participants. In the remote format, that required registration at one of the venues, the tasks were completed by another 115,621 people. Thus, the total number of participants has already reached 486,774 – almost 28 thousand more than in 2020. Summing up the results of the Dictation at in-person venues will require more time.

The educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society aroused great interest among the people. The Dictation was taken in all regions of Russia and in several foreign countries, in Antarctica and in space. Some decided to test their knowledge for the first time; for some, participation in a geographic quiz has become a good tradition.

“I have always liked geography, travel, new and interesting places. And in space you won’t get far without geography. Therefore, when I learned about the Dictation, the desire to take it was natural. Some questions were simple for me, but some were difficult. Now I'm waiting for the results to find out the correct answers," admitted Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner, who took the Dictation in the city of Korolev.


Площадка Географического диктанта в Музее-заповеднике "Херсонес-Таврический". Фото: пресс-служба музея-заповедника

According to Ivan Wagner, who actively supported the educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society on social networks, in 2021 there were many interesting questions related not only to geography, but also to the history and culture of different regions of Russia. It is rather difficult to single out one of them. It is much more important to note the significance of the Dictation as a whole.

"In my opinion, the Geographical Dictation is simultaneously a test and acquisition of knowledge. But the main thing is that the Dictation draws attention to the geography of our country, its rich history and culture, tells about unique places. I hope that, thanks to the Geographical Dictation, our citizens will be more interested in their country. That is why it is worth taking," emphasized Wagner.

The Russian Geographical Society thanks all users of social networks who have shown interest in the international educational campaign for the active support of the Dictation on the Internet. Among them, TV presenter of the channel "My Planet" Andrey Ponkratov, photographer Maxim Marmur, actor Mikhail Galustyan, world freediving champion Alexei Molchanov, winners of "Best Guide" competition of the RGS Anastasia Mashchenko and Georgy Makeev.

“It was very interesting to try my hand. I look forward to the results,” Makeev noted, adding that he will certainly take part in the next Geographical Dictation.


Приветствие из Антарктиды. Фото: пресс-служба Тамбовского отделения РГО"

The Geographical Dictation–2021 started on November 14 in-person and remotely at all venues in all countries at 12:00 local time. A large-scale international educational campaign, initiated by the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society Vladimir Putin, was held by the Russian Geographical Society for the seventh time.

More than 8,700 Dictation venues have been organized in Russia and abroad. The event took place at reserves, museums, educational institutions, libraries and other organizations. Among the most unusual venues this year are the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, the “Akademik Lomonosov” nuclear power barge, the Saratov Hydroelectric Power Station, the Russian Arctic National Park Visitor Center, the Kazan and Kursk railway stations, Divnogorye Museum-Reserve, and Saylyugem National Park.

Access to the online version of the Dictation was opened on the website of the event on November 14, at 14:00 Moscow time. It was possible to answer questions there without registration until November 24.