Moscow And Sevastopol Will Take Part In The Annual City Nature Challenge For The First Time

Мыс Фиолент, Севастополь. Фото: Роман Кузьминых
Мыс Фиолент, Севастополь. Фото: Роман Кузьминых

Two cities of Russia - Moscow and Sevastopol - will take part in the international City Nature Challenge competition for the first time. The annual international competition starts on April 24, 2020. Its goal is to attract residents of different cities of the world to search and register the biodiversity of their regions.

The City Nature Challenge was first held in 2016. Initially, only two American cities competed among themselves - Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, the geography of participating cities has expanded rapidly with each passing year. So, 16 US cities participated in the competition in 2017, and 68 cities around the world took part in the event next year. In 2019, the event was attended by 35,126 people - scientists and enthusiasts from 159 cities in America, the UK, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and other countries. They managed to add more than 31 thousand new species to the database.
The task of the competition participants is to find and photograph the flora and fauna of their city, and then upload the pictures to the competition portal using the iNaturalist application or website. After downloading the materials, they are analyzed by the expert commission of the competition - professional scientists and experienced naturalists. They determine the accuracy of the data provided by the participants, and also select the winners - the cities that collected the largest number of unique species of flora and fauna.

Russia will take part in the competition for the first time. The residents of Moscow and Sevastopol will have the opportunity to capture the biodiversity of their cities. They will be able to capture the representatives of the flora and fauna of their region and share the results of their observations with the world scientific community, that will automatically be applied to an interactive map.

The competition will be held in three stages in 2020. So, participants will have to photograph and upload the resulting pictures to the competition site from April 24 to April 27. Then the jury will determine the winners of the competition. They will be announced on May 4, 2020. Details about the City Nature Challenge and participation in the competition can be found on the official website of the project, as well as on the iNaturalist portal. Instructions for downloading competitive materials can be found here.