Nature Photography Days 2018

Little fox. Photo by Sergey Kuznetsov
Little fox. Photo by Sergey Kuznetsov

March 14 and 15, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. Nature Photography Days will be held at the Great Hall of the Russian Geographical Society HQ in St. Petersburg. The event is organized with support from the St. Petersburg Photo Hunters Club of the Leningrad Society of Hunters and Fishers.

 Photographers from St. Petersburg will speak about nature photography and will share their unique experience.

March 14, 6:30 p.m.

Andrei Strelnikov, "Outer islands of the Gulf of Finland are so close, yet so far… "

Since 2012 Andrei Strelnikov has visited the archipelago of outer Islands of the Gulf of Finland annually. These are the islands of Hogland, Bolshoi Tyuters, Seskar and about ten small but very interesting places on the Leningrad region map, 190 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The author will speak about these lands, share his impressions and experience of landscape photography, both on a traditional digital camera and on a camera redesigned for infrared shooting.

Andrey Strelnikov, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, a member of St. Petersburg Union of Artists, a regular participant in the Hogland complex expedition, is the author of two photo albums about the outer islands of the Gulf of Finland, "The Land of the Gulf of Finland" and "Lost Worlds of the Baltic". His photos were exhibited at 4 personal and more than 10 collective photo exhibitions. His pictures and articles were published in the following magazines:  Addresses of Petersburg, Projector, National Geographic Russia, National Geographic Traveler, Sobaka.Ru and Metro.

 Andrey Strelnikov

Arseniy Kashkarov, "Wild India"

 "My first idea of ​​India, like most of us, was based on Rudyard Kipling's " The Jungle Book ". Dangerous wilderness of pristine nature inhabited by tigers, elephants and monkeys living in close contact with people. However, years later my friends visited India and told me a very different story. Their stories were in sharp contrast with my ideas about that country. But internal contradictions caused a burning desire to go there and see everything with my own eyes, to find my own Wild India " the photographer said.

Arseniy Kashkarov is a landscape photographer and traveler, a finalist of the Most Beautiful Country photo contest, the winner of the National Award "My Planet-2017" in the category "Professional Photo Report on a Trip", the 1 place winner in the 35PHOTO photo contest "Minimalism in Photography".

 Arseniy Kashkarov. 


March 15, 6:30 p.m.  

Sergey Kuznetsov, "The nature of the Leningrad Region through the eyes of a photo hunter"

 Sergey Kuznetsov has been fond of photo hunting for many years. He often finds himself with a camera. The photographer has got many interesting observations of animals living in the Leningrad region. He will speak about interesting moments in shooting wildlife.

Sergei Kuznetsov is chairman of the St. Petersburg Club of Photo Hunters of the Leningrad Society of Hunters and Fishers, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, a finalist of the Wild Nature of Russia contest from National Geographic Russia, a finalist and winner of the spectator sympathy prize of the Wildlife Photography contest "Golden Turtle", a participant of several All-Russian nature festivals "Pervozdannaya Russia". 

 Sergey Kuznetsov


Konstantin Shatenev, "Japanese cranes, eagles and snow monkeys"

 The photographer will speak about the wonderful nature of Japan, the most beautiful cranes and northern monkeys.

Konstantin Shatenev is a natural photographer, a member of the Russian Geographical Society and Wildlife Photographers of Russia, deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Club of Photo Hunters, a finalist and nominee of numerous Russian and foreign photo contests, the winner of the international contest of natural photography "Golden Turtle 9" in the category of "Beasts". Animals and birds have been favorite objects for his photos for more than 30 years already. 

  Konstantin Shatenev 


March 15, 3:00 p.m. within the framework of Nature Photography Days the Committee for the Protection, Control and Regulation of Use of the Leningrad Region Fauna and the Leningrad regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society will present preliminary results of the Public Photo Contest dedicated to the animal world and nature of the Leningrad Region.

Free admission