New branch of the Russian Geographical Society

In the village of Psebay, Mostovskoi rayon, Chairman of Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society Ivan Gulls met with the local community.

The event was attended by representatives of local authorities, deputies, historians, geographers, teachers, tourists, media and youth.

This meeting was a kind of familiarity of Mostovskoi rayon residents with the Russian Geographical Society and its activities.

Ivan Chaika told the audience about the history and activities of the Society, the glorious traditions and contemporary projects of the organization. Videos and some printed matter of the Society’s Krasnodar regional branch were shown. The Chairman of the Branch noted that there are unique natural resources and historical and cultural heritage in Mostovskoi rayon.

Among the speakers of the meeting were: Pavel Zharkov, the head of the urban settlement of Psebayskoe, Vasily Boglaev, a deputy of the Regional Council, Vladimir Assovsky, the chairman of Mostovskoi rayon Coordination Council of Professional Unions, historian Sergei Chernikov, historians Nina and Boris Tsaplin, Inna Rakhimova, the deputy director of the School, Vladimir Medyannikov, a businessman and others.

Everyone talked about the work that is carried out in Mostovskoi rayon about certain problems and prospects. So all the event participants supported the establishment of the local branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the district  and decided to create a working group on its organization, which at Ivan Chaika’s suggestion will be headed by Vasily Boglaev. In the near future the establishment of a branch will be submitted to the Council of Krasnodar regional branch and the Governing Council of the Russian Geographical Society.

During the meeting, the participants have discussed the reconstruction of the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich Romanov’s lodge in the village of Psebay. The house is an object of cultural heritage; in the second half of the XIX century, members of the royal family used to come there to hunt. It was a complex, which included a museum of nature and other objects. The environmental work was organized there in the first place, as well as the recovery of the Caucasian bison and other animals populations. Today, the recovery the Persian leopard is being carried out there.

After the event, the participants visited the lodge and discussed the next steps of its reconstruction and organization of the museum in it. The

participants also visited the private geological museum in the village of Psebay and the former Museum of foresters in the village of Mosty.

Text: Victor Zatolokin