One of the outposts of Russian researchers

Председатель Отделения Надежда Камельевна Максутова

Solemn meeting dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Vologda regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society was held on November 21 in the  building of Vologda region administration.

"The history of Vologda branch of the Russian Geographical Society is incredibly rich. I would even call it one of the outposts of Russian researchers, - said the Society’s President Sergei Shoigu in his video address. - With all my heart I would like to thank one of the main inspirers of Vologda branch Yury Vorobyov and everyone who does this work with such passion. 60 years, of course, is not the limit. Congratulations! ".

In 2012, Sergei Shoigu and Governor of Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov signed an agreement on cooperation between the All-Russian non-governmental organization "Russian Geographical Society" and the Government of Vologda region. Thus Vologda region became the second Russian region to sign a cooperation agreement with the Russian Geographical Society.

According to the document, the parties contribute to the study and development of the region by conducting scientific, environmental and social projects. Special aspect of the agreement was the implementation of the latest scientific achievements in the field of environmental protection.

The Russian Geographical Society assists the administration of Vologda region in planning and realization of environmental and tourism projects, joint conferences, expeditions, competitions, festivals and exhibitions.


Юрий Воробьев


"In the origins of the Russian Geographical Society is a very correct idea - "the study of the native land and the people inhabiting it". That's how we can raise real patriotism. Good deeds of the Russian Geographical Society stream from regional offices, which we are developing today - said Yuri Vorobyov at the solemn meeting. - I want you to succeed in your every undertakings, I want you to have many new projects, I want more and more young people to get involved in the Society’s work."

In 2010 - 2014 the Russian Geographical Society Board of Trustees allocated five grants to Vologda regional branch, in total 9,732,000 rubles.

In 2010 the project "Mariinsky water system: the natural, social and environmental development prospects" received a grant, in 2011 - "Taiga with no borders" , in 2012 - "Russian America: Fort Ross turned 200 years", in 2013 - "Taiga with no borders: at the turn of the nature and our interests"and in 2014 -"Shipbuilders of Prionezhye: expedition and festival of youth shipbuilding clubs"

"Activities of the Russian Geographical Society contribute to the promotion of geography, local history and related sciences, the spread of knowledge and such values as respect for nature, love for one's homeland, - said in his written statement governor of Vologda region, chairman of the Society’s Coordinating Council Oleg Kuvshinnikov. - Not every region of the Russian Federation can be proud of such long, efficient and successful work of its branch! Today I would particularly like to thank Chairman of the Governing Board of the All-Russian non-governmental organization Yury Vorobiev, Chairman of the Society’s Board of Trustees Viacheslav Pozgalev, Chairman of Vologda regional branch Nadejda Maksutova, all members of the regional branch, those who assist and support the Russian Geographical Society. Thank you for your work! ".

In 2011 - 2014 the Regional Board of Trustees allocated grants for 42 projects worth 6 million 405 thousand rubles.

Ivan Tyagin, Deputy Executive Director of the All-Russian non-governmental organization "Russian Geographical Society" also congratulated Vologda branch.

Chairman of the Branch Nadejda Maksutova delivered a report on the results of the work in Vologda.

As part of the ceremony three cooperation agreements were signed: with Vologda State University, Institute of Water Problems of the North Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Fedor Konyukhov’s School which opened in Vologda region.

At the end of the ceremony letters of appreciation from regional Governor and the Executive Management of the Russian Geographical Society were presented.

Sergey Shadrunov, Spokesman of Vologda regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

Photos provided by Press-service of the regional Government